Pure Barre FAQ: Your Pure Barre Questions Answered


Let’s do a Pure Barre FAQ today!

I’ve been receiving a ton of Pure Barre questions which makes me so happy! This means that more of you are interested in trying Pure Barre!

Most of the Pure Barre questions I receive revolve around the exact same topics. I figured I should do a Pure Barre FAQ style post to share the common Pure Barre questions I am asked just in case you are reading and wondering the same things about Pure Barre.

All of your Pure Barre questions are answered on the blog with additional tips and advice!

1 – Do I need to take a Pure Barre studio class before attempting Pure Barre workouts from home?

Well, yes and no. I say yes because I think having the instructor there for you during your first barre workout can be extremely beneficial. The instructor can guide you and answer any questions you may have before the class while also adjusting your personal positioning during the class. While I wouldn’t say barre is overly complicated, getting the hang of the lingo (like tucking) and positioning during each type of exercise performed is crucial not only so that the workout is effective but also to prevent injury.

However, if you do not have a barre studio near you or the price turns you off, I do think you can try Pure Barre On Demand first so long as you watch the overviews and opening segments on positioning and really focus on your form. Take it slow, modify as needed, and do not over attempt to keep up until you get used to the routine. You don’t need to do it all in your first class! I still can’t do it all without stopping sometimes!

Pure Barre On Demand offers a 7 day free trial before the monthly fee.

2 – What equipment do I need to do Pure Barre workouts from home?

My first response is – nothing. You technically do not need anything at all for Pure Barre workouts from home! Light free weights are great but you can get by with no weight (body weight is killer!) or you can also use canned food or water bottles as your free weight options.

I do have the red Pure Barre ball but again, it’s not necessary for all of the workouts. And, even when a workout requires the red ball, you can skip it or use any small ball you have in the house.

I do not have resistant tubes or bands and use a dish towel for the few workouts that require a towel.

Since I do my Pure Barre workouts on carpeting, I do not use a yoga mat. I do recommend a mat of some sort though if you plan to do your workouts on tile or wood floor. Ab and core work on the floor definitely needs some cushioning.

I do not always wear my Pure Barre sticky socks. Since I do my workouts on carpeting, quite often I am barefoot. However, the sticky socks help you to grip the floor especially in the plank position so they can be useful and important. They don’t have to be Pure Barre sticky socks though, you can find sticky socks in the workout apparel sections of other stores.

If you are one of those people who likes to have true workout equipment, this would be the short list:

  • Small Ball
  • Free weights (2 lb, 3lb, 5lb) – I use 3 and 5 lb weights 
  • Yoga mat
  • Resistant bands or tube
  • Sticky Socks

pure barre equipment

3 – How fast will I see results from Pure Barre?

While everyone will differ in terms of results, I can share my experience.

I originally signed up for one month of unlimited Pure Barre classes in the studio almost four years ago. Within those 30 days, I went to Pure Barre 3 to 4 times a week. I was also running 5-6 days a week and eating a balanced diet, the same as now. 

Before those 30 days were up, I absolutely noticed that Pure Barre did what it claimed to do – lift, tone, and burn.

My muscles were definitely more toned and my strength and ability to hold planks and other positions increased with each class. I also noticed right away that I felt stronger, especially in my core, and less fatigued during my runs. The balance between Pure Barre and running became perfect complements in my routine.

You can’t just run all of the time, you need strength training, stretching, and the all important core work!

Was I suddenly long and lean? Of course not. You can’t make someone like me who is barely 5′ 4″ appear tall and stick figured like a ballerina. That’s not my body and never will be!

BUT Pure Barre 110% took my petite shape and lifted, toned, and burned every area of my body in a really positive way.

My strength continues to improve, even 4 years later!

Body weight work with Pure Barre is NO JOKE. And working with 3 and 5 lb weights with Pure Barre has built my upper body strength in such a way that I can walk into the gym and pick up the 15 lb weights as if that’s what I work with on a regular basis.

I’ve never been someone who liked strength training. I’ve also never been someone with good upper body strength. Pure Barre helps me to build strength while also keeping my body toned and strong.

Will you lose weight from Pure Barre? I can’t answer that. Pure Barre is awesome for strength training and toning but your diet will play a role in weight loss beyond any fitness activity you choose. A balanced diet combined with a fitness routine is the key to weight management over the long-term! Can’t do one without the other!

4 – How often do I need to do Pure Barre each week?

Well, that’s up to you. How often do you want to do it? How much time do you have? What else are you doing in terms of your workouts each week?

I’ve played with my Pure Barre routine over the years ranging from 5 days a week down to 2 or 3 days week. I’ve also played with daily Pure Barre workouts in the 10 minute range or a couple of times of week of 45 – 50 Pure Barre workouts as well.

I think what’s great about Pure Barre On Demand is that it offers you a wide variety of options. If you only have 5 or 10 minutes, you can choose one of their 5 or 10 minute workouts. If you have more time, you can select a 30 minute, 45, minute or even an hour Pure Barre workout. Or, you can combine the shorter workouts, even throughout the day when you have time.

Pure Barre is a non-impact workout so you can do it multiple days in a row. I do not recommend full body Pure Barre workouts every day though as you don’t want to overwork the same muscle groups or cause burn out. What you can do if you want to do something every day or multiple days a week is choose the shorter workouts and focus on a specific body part each day. That way, you are working a different muscle group without overdoing it.

5 – I tried Pure Barre and I love it! Only issue is, those light free weights really burn! Sometimes I don’t think I will make it through the set.

If you can’t make it through the burn (which I totally understand), drop the free weights! It takes time to build up to getting through the sets. Rather than stop or force yourself to continue with the weights, it’s more than okay to switch to a lighter set of free weights OR opt for no weights at all. Again, body weight is killer! You can still get a quality workout in and then over time, you will adapt.

Like they say, it doesn’t get easier, you only get stronger.

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    Oh my gosh this is the best post! I was curious about Pure Barre on Demand but just assumed I would have to go to a studio first to get the hang of everything. Knowing I don’t have to go to a studio first makes on demand so much more appealing.

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      I am going to venture to guess it would still totally burn for you because I having been doing the workouts every week for years now and each and every time it burns, including this morning! lol. I swear it is always a challenge no matter how strong we get!

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    I am very interested with barre and was planning to start doing it with the girls. So happy to know that it does not require me any special equipment.