4 Recent Meals + Only Diet-Related Article You Ever Need To Read


The days are flying on by me this week in quite a blur. This is what happens when I start the week in the city on a Monday. I was in the city all day and evening for work stuff but I’m certainly not complaining. The change of scenery was nice and hey,   no snowstorms this week for the first time since February!

For today’s post, which is always on the topic of food since it’s Wednesday, I thought I would share 4 recent meals PLUS a really important article link that I want you to read.

1 – Getting really typical here, pizza and salad!

If you ask me what I want for dinner that’s easy to order in, I’m pretty sure my reply will always be some type of pizza with a salad. This time around, it was grandma pizza with a chopped house salad.

grandma pizza and salad

2 – A salad from Chopt.

I wish my salads from Chopt photographed better but they always look like a pile of lettuce in a plastic bowl. In the tasty mix though was my usual selection of romaine, spinach, quinoa, avocado, spicy peppers, charred onions, and beets. Spicy tahini dressing on the side.


3- Rock and Reilly’s Salad

While in the city on Monday, we had a nice lunch at Rock and Reilly’s. There were a few good-looking salads to choose from on the menu. I chose a chopped salad (which had avocado, corn and a few other things in it) with grilled shrimp. Grilled shrimp isn’t a common choice for me on top of salads but I was in the mood so I ordered it.

rock and Reillys salad

4- Naked Tacos at Dos Caminos!

One of my favorite Mexican restaurants and favorite Mexican dishes! The naked vegetable taco bowl at Dos Caminos is always delicious. Instead of taco shells, you can order your tacos naked which means they serve the ingredients on top of quinoa. I order the vegetable naked tacos which contains a variety of vegetables with beans and avocado.

dos caminos naked taco bowl

Time for the only diet-related article you ever need to read!

The title of this article is PERFECT because this is exactly how I would describe it: The Last Conversation You Need To Have About Eating Right.

A close reader friend of mine sent this article to me because she knew I would like it. She was right.  Every word is valuable to the point where I want to quote the ENTIRE article. I wish more people would be able to read this article yet even beyond reading it, I wish more people would apply the lessons and learnings.

I’m tired of trending “diets” and specific ways to eat. I’m tired of reading about cleanses, cycling strategies, and anything that counts a calorie or focuses so much on food that eating loses it’s purpose and appeal. It’s exhausting to think about, hear about, and see on social media when it’s really very simple.

If you eat mostly nutrient dense foods, you don’t have to think about much at all.

“The evidence of every variety overwhelmingly highlights the benefits of plant-predominant diets for the health outcomes that matter most: years in life, and life in years; longevity, and vitality. Forget about “carbs,” and think instead in terms of the foods that are best for you.”

“Everything from lentils to lollipops, pinto beans to jelly beans, tree nuts to doughnuts, is a carbohydrate source. Most plant foods are mostly carbohydrate. So if “all carbs” are evil, then so are vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds.”

“Beans are really, really, really good for us. Identifying compounds in beans that are potentially “toxic” is like noting that air contains oxygen, which can be toxic.”

“The body detoxifies itself daily; that’s a primary job of the liver and the kidneys, and they are really good at it. (The intestines, spleen, and immune system are in on it, too.) So, you want to take good care of your liver and kidneys, gut, and immune system. That’s a far better “cleanse” than any juice.”

“Not everything that causes weight loss or apparent metabolic improvement in the short-term is a good idea. Cholera, for instance, causes weight, blood sugar, and blood lipids to come down — that doesn’t mean you want it!”

“Eat a variety of vegetables and fruits and you’ll get all the antioxidants you need.”

Okay, I am done quoting the article. Please go read it and have a great day. 🙂

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Did you click to read the article? Did you love it and agree with it too?

Are you tired of the trending diet fads and food conversations that you see on social media? Are you unfollowing certain accounts because they are making you nutty?

Have you ever been to Dos Caminos? What do you like to order?




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    Yup, that article was incredible. LOL my favorite part was, “what happens if I eat too much yogurt?” “we have no idea. probably you get full.” LOL but honestly, this just showed in a perfectly succinct and digestible way that the way to truly eat healthy is to just eat mostly real whole foods and stop freaking out about the way you eat and just let your body guide you. Thank you for sharing 🙂
    Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off recently posted…What I Ate Wednesday {Day in the Life}My Profile

  2. says

    Enjoyed reading both your article and the one you suggested.

    I really like this perspective on food and diet. Let’s just make sure we are being moderate in everything and we are eating the foods rich in nutrients. Keep it simple and enjoy your life.

    Great idea and, btw, those meals look delicious 🙂