Easy To Make Vegetarian Recipes (and cookies too!)


I decided to give my recipe section of the blog some attention by highlighting a few easy to make vegetarian recipes that I haven’t talked about in a long time! At least I do not think that I have?

I hope that one of these recipes inspires you to try a new salad combination or to cook something different. Oh, and I added two cookie recipes too…just because. 🙂

Round up of easy to make vegetarian recipes worth trying this week!

Let’s start with this Super Salad Recipe. 

The picture doesn’t look like much but trust me, the shaved Brussel sprouts, feta cheese, and dried cranberries combine to create a delicious meal.

Sometimes the most basic of salad ingredients need to be called out so we all realize how easy it is to make a great tasting salad at home.

I am definitely going to buy feta cheese this week and brussels sprouts so that I can make it again.

Dried cranberries with feta cheese = Always amazing.

super salad recipe

Once you have the feta cheese in the house, you can make this Power Salad too!

Another great salad recipe which is super simple to throw together. Of course you can always customize the vegetables (and even the plant-based proteins) but this is an awesome salad to use as a reference if you need a little assistance on your selections.

I like this power salad for making in advance too so that then you have it for lunches (and even dinners) for the week. If you eat meat, you can also add grilled chicken or steak to this salad and I’m sure it would be a winner.

I forgot how often I used to roast cauliflower!

power salad

Eggplant Cacciatore!

Oh this eggplant cacciatore was SO GOOD. Eggplant cacciatore is delicious and really easy to make. The most important thing is to remember to actually buy an eggplant and not forget it like I always do when I get to the grocery store.

I don’t find eggplants to stay fresh for long (even in the refrigerator, usually just a few days) so keep that in mind when you get one in terms of how soon you plan to make this recipe.

eggplant cacciatore

Sweet Potato, Black Bean, & Quinoa Burgers

These burgers were the best and so good for freezing! They held together really well and reheated without issue. I miss having them on hand in the freezer so I really need to make them again.

sweet potato quinoa black bean burgers

Coconut Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

I LOVED this cookie recipe the first time I experimented with it. The use of coconut flour in place of regular flour made these cookies a bit crumbly but they certainly don’t fall apart. The texture and taste was on point. I definitely need to make them again.

coconut flour chocolate chip cookies

Oatmeal Raisin Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

Yum. One of the best healthier cookie recipes I have ever come up with in my cookie baking history. I always use Skoop Protein Powder but I’m sure another vanilla protein power that you favor would work well too.

oatmeal raisin chocolate chip protein cookies

Honorable Mentions:

Quick & Easy Plant Based Stir Fry – Always my go-to lunch or dinner when I need to eat fast and don’t feel like cooking.

How To Make A Power Bowl – If you are looking to have no-brainer vegetarian meals on hand any day of the week, it’s important to know how to make a good power bowl.

Flourless/Grain Free No Bake Fudge Brownie Bites – I created this fudge brownie bite recipe on a whim and it came out terrific. The recipe involves sweet potato!

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Are you stuck in a cooking rut making the same meals over and over? Does it bother you or are you fine with your usual meal rotation?

Which salad ingredients are you using most often right now?




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