Thinking Out Loud + My New Favorite GapFit Tank!


Woah. There’s a lot of snow out there this morning. Please tell me this is the last snowstorm until next winter?! School is on a two-hour delay but I honestly can’t see how it’s opening. It’s still snowing and there’s over a foot of snow out there! 

thinking out loud

Am I the only one who gets really excited when they earn cash back with Ebates? I earned $5.95 on one purchase last week and 21 cents on another and I was equally giddy about both earnings. It sounds so minuscule but each earning starts to add up and I’m happy to receive any amount of money back from the purchases I’m going to be making anyway. Seems logical to use Ebates at this point if I want to spend less money/earn money back from my purchases. I sound like a commercial. 

I love this link, The Investment Pieces You Won’t Regret Buying from Lauren Conrad and agree with each style she suggests, except for blazers. I cannot get on board with blazers. Never have, never will. You can ask my mother. She has tried so hard to get me into a blazer over the years and I continue to refuse.

Yes, I do understand that blazers are not for old ladies and can be perfect, elegant, and trendy but THEY ARE NOT FOR ME. Nope, not my style. A cardigan I can do, a blazer I just can’t. I don’t look like ME in a blazer, I look like someone else, as if I am playing dress up with someone else’s clothing, pretending to be some sort of adult.

We all have our looks and style and the blazer just is not mine.

Who else needs to replace their bras right now? I’ve gotten really good at replacing my bras when it’s time and ugh, it’s time for me to do it again. It’s annoying but it’s so important to replace and update our bras. They need to fit well and they can’t fit well if they are worn out! If you aren’t sure if it’s time to replace your bra, read this article to determine if your bra is dead. I bet it is.

Speaking of bras, I love this new GapFit tank that I bought recently!

I shared this picture in my Instagram stories (and then in my regular Instagram post) and had received a bunch of messages asking me about the new tank so I think it’s time to discuss on the blog too.

It’s the new GapFit Double-Layer Strappy Shelf Tank (in Rosehip) with a built-in bra! I love when the bra is built-in to my workout tops, mainly because it’s less for me to wash somehow. HA.

In all seriousness, this GapFit tank fits so well and works perfectly for running and for Pure Barre. Or yoga or whatever. I love this top for running on the treadmill because the open back keeps me from getting too hot and sweaty. Would I advise it for outdoor running in the summer? Yes, but then you need to cover your entire back with sunscreen!

The bra part is a true bra, not just a shelf tank. It’s basically the same as my other GapFit bras, only it’s attached to the tank.

gap fit tank top

I ordered this tank in the above Rosehip color plus a black and white version too. My pants are also GapFit but they no longer sell that specific pair! I do wear this style of GapFit Gfast capris all the time for running and recently bought this lace-up pair for Pure Barre.

The material for GapFit tops feels slightly different from Lululemon but does wash really well. I machine wash this top and then hang it dry. I have definitely put my GapFit stuff in the dryer though (when I’m lazy) and never seem to feel the negative affects of doing so.

In terms of fit, I find Gap clothing to be on the bigger end of normal. I’m my usual size but if anything, their clothing runs a bit big for me. I like my workout tops a little roomy so I size up for their tops but the bottoms I’m my usual size. I really think though that determining your size for workout apparel is an individual approach. It really depends upon your body type and how comfortable you like to feel in specific places (like length of shirts/pants/sleeve lengths/room to move etc.) when you work out.

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Do you use Ebates when you shop online?

Are you good about replacing your bras?

Is there a lot of snow where you live right now? Will you be able to run outside today?


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    The snow has stopped here but now we are dealing with ice! At least its supposed to be above freezing for the next few days so hopefully it will all melt. I actually bought my first workout tank from GapFit a few weeks ago! So far I really like it. It was a guessing game for size because I bought it online but it ended up working out well.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…How to Increase Hip Extension for Stronger RunningMy Profile

  2. says

    Okay we r definitely in the same fashion zone—I despise blazers. My mom has always tried to get me to wear them for work and social and I refuse to for either. When I got my first position during graduate school she bought me a navy suit and a black one. As high styled as they were, my response was a clear NO. My style has always been trendy with a mix of modern classic for staying power of each item. Youthful is cool, because I am little and will always be youthful in my heart, spirit, mind and lifestyle. We got NO snow in the city, but it came down all day in a wet soggy mess and never stuck. Spring where are you?

    • says

      OMG and we got so much snow overnight I can’t believe it! Hoping it all starts to melt today with the sun coming out (finally!). And yes, I had a tahari suit when I graduated college and I never want to wear one again. lol

  3. says

    I tried to make blazers work but now I never wear them. I had one from Banana Republic that I liked and the Sloan pants to match it, which made the difference for me since they were comfortable and skinny cut. I’m just so grateful that I don’t have to wear formal workwear now!
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