Lower Mileage + Killer Pure Barre + Possible 10K Race (Workout Recap)


A few quick notes before getting to my workout recap!

It was a lower mileage week for sure. Lately I find myself naturally hovering around 20 miles a week but this week was much lower. I can’t really give you a great reason why beyond saying my mood dictated a 30 minute cardio limit during the week. So I went with it.

I’m forming a pattern in my workout routine. Assuming I choose 4 days of running/cardio a week, the pattern that works best for me is  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday OR Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday.

I really like Friday as a rest day or Pure Barre day so that I am fresh and eager to run on Saturday.

I’m totally eyeing the Aspire 10K Race on Saturday April 7! It’s a super local race for me with such a great start time (8:30 AM!) that I really think I would like to run this race! I’ve run this 10K race twice before (recaps for 2016 here and 2015 here), only problem is, both times the weather was not ideal. I’m not interested in running a race in rain or snow so I will hold off on my decision until a few days before race day just to see the forecast. Let’s hope for decent weather! The race is a week later than usual due to the holidays so maybe we stand a chance for no snow or crazy cold rain!

weekly workout recap

Monday – 30 Min Treadmill Run (3.5 Miles)

It’s always nice when I hit an even mile mark right at my finishing point! 30 minutes = 3.5 miles. Great way to start the day.

Tuesday – Pure Barre

I combined a few Pure Barre On Demand workouts today. For a change, I chose a 30 minute Lower Body Intensive and then added on two, 5 minute seat workouts plus the most KILLER Pure Barre 5 minutes for thighs.

Seriously, this 5 minute thigh workout is intense!

pure barre on demand 5 min thighs

^You stay in that lunge position with back heel against a wall for 5 full minutes (2 1/2 minutes per leg). Trust me, it’s killer.

Wednesday – 30 Min Treadmill Run/In The Gym

I slept SO WELL and was SO READY to run. HA. At least that’s what I thought. I don’t really know what was up but I felt like I was getting nowhere. As if I wasn’t covering my distance, as if the display screen on the treadmill was set in slow motion.

My socks felt too thick for my shoes today which may have been my main problem. Sometimes my Thorlos feel great and other times, I guess my feet swell and they feel too thick.

Whatever. 30 minutes = 3.57 miles. DONE

I bounced around the gym after that with some free weights, jumping jacks, walking lunges, and things like that. I have no formal circuit or I would certainly share it with you.

Thursday – 30 Min Elliptical/5 Min Pure Barre Arms

My legs were SORE from whatever I did in the last two days! I don’t know if it was from the Pure Barre thigh workout on Tuesday or the short sets of walking lunges I did yesterday in the gym. Either way = sore.

I chose the elliptical today for 30 minutes and then came home for a quick yet totally challenging 5 minute body weight Pure Barre arm workout.

pure barre 5 min arms

^Do not ever let body weight exercises fool you!

Friday – Pure Barre Sculpted Arms (54 Min)

Even with being out late last night, I woke up with plenty of energy for a killer Pure Barre workout. I say it every time – the Pure Barre workouts with focus on the arms are so killer. They get my heart rate up and really work the entire body, the entire time. I avoided the arm focused workouts for so long because I just couldn’t do them effectively when I was running more. I didn’t have the energy or patience. I’m so glad I can do them, enjoy them, and reap the benefits now. 🙂

pure barre

Saturday – 6 Miles (Outside!)

I got it in my head yesterday that I would run outside this morning. It was supposed to be sunny and while there are some snow piles remaining, it’s not icy.

I was not factoring in that the temperature would be below freezing though nor did I consider wind! Ugh. Whatever. It was time for an outdoor run.

It’s been a few weeks since I ran outside so it was a nice change and interesting to now run a bit blind. I’ve gotten used to the treadmill display screen so for today’s run, all I had was the Runkeeper voice chiming in with my mile splits.

My pace was fast but I wasn’t even trying to be fast which was the best feeling. I was just running where I felt comfortable which was a little quicker than running easy if that makes sense! I didn’t know if I would run 5 miles or ultimately 6 miles which you can kind of tell in my splits. I started to slow down when I contemplated a cool down but then chose to keep going to 5 miles and then cool down to 6 miles (and until I reached my front door).


I was at 5 miles in 40 minutes so why not a few more minutes to make it 6 miles, you know? It’s Saturday and I wasn’t in a rush.

Sunday – Rest

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How was your week in workouts? Did you run more/less than usual? Were you able to run outdoors?

Do you notice a patterns to your workouts in terms of the days you like to run?

What’s the next race on your calendar?

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    I do have patterns for when I like to run but sometimes it changes depending on the week. When possible, I like to start out the week with a run on Monday! But that all depends on how much I ran over the weekend. Glad you were able to get outside. I wish it would start warming up!
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