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Since I missed a weekend recap on Monday, I have a few meals from the weekend plus what I’ve been eating over the last couple of days to discuss today.

This week has been a bit weird so far, by the way. My son came home sick literally 20 minutes after he arrived at school on Monday and then school was closed yesterday due to snow! He is feeling better thankfully and school is open today so hopefully my week starts to get back to a normal routine today.

Anyway, let’s talk food!

First, this Red Mango parfait. I used to live on Red Mango parfaits which some of you may recall from my blog’s early days! I even had the opportunity to review the Red Mango frozen yogurt smoothie line back in 2013.

While I think I enjoyed my parfait over the weekend, I can’t say that I totally thrilled me as it once did. It was just okay? I don’t know how to describe my reaction. In some ways it upsets me to not love Red Mango for lunch anymore but I guess our tastes in certain foods are allowed to change over time. Maybe I’m just in a phase.

red mango parfait

Glitter sneakers peaking out! Love these shoes so much. 🙂

Saturday night I had dinner at Kashi. I remember when Kashi opened their first location in like 2011 (in Huntington, for local readers) and my friends and I fell in love with their food immediately. I also remember Kashi to be the first local sushi spot offering the peanut avocado roll. LOVE THE PEANUT AVOCADO ROLL.

Saturday night I was at the Syosset location but all of the Kashi restaurants are equally great.

I think this was some sort of spicy tuna gyoza with guacamole? Whatever it was, I really liked it.

tuna gyoza

Not the best lighting but the sushi was perfect!


Pizza for dinner one night! You know how I love a good slice of vegetable pizza.

I forgot to ask for a side of sauce and then the line got so long that I didn’t bother to go back up to get it. The sauce is the best for dipping the crust though! I won’t make this mistake again.

whole wheat vegetable pizza

Of possible interest: Best Vegetable Pizza On Long Island

I’ve been eating at home too, it’s just not as exciting as when I dine out if you ask me. Big salads are still a theme for lunch –untiI I run out of my ingredients, that is!

This salad involved a variety of roasted vegetables along with quinoa and avocado. I was so afraid my avocado would be bad by lunch time (that’s how ripe it felt) but it was perfect when I cut it!

lunch power bowl

Power bowls have been my dinner lately because they are easy and always satisfying. This post on how to make a power bowl is a great reference if you are unsure how to make a plant-based power bowl.

Power bowls like this one below reminds me of my Italian Style Power Bowl recipe post from way back in the day. It looks like a mess but it’s really very good.

Food Links of Interest:

Roasted Mixed Potatoes with Spring Herbs and Burrata

Parmesan Roasted Broccoli With Balsamic Drizzle I roasted my broccoli following this recipe yesterday and it came out great! Very easy which is what I look for in a recipe right now aside from good taste!

Celebrity Chef David Burke Takes Over Food Service At Garden City Hotel – Well, this is exciting news! And after reading the article, I learned David Burke was responsible for one of my former favorite Manhattan restaurants, Park Avenue Cafe. I had no idea. Fun Fact: Park Avenue Cafe is the restaurant I had dinner at the night I got engaged WAY BACK when.

Cheesecake Factory Brown Bread Is Coming To Stores! – Oh, wow! From this list it doesn’t look like any stores in the New York area but maybe soon! Which bread do you prefer from their bread basket? The famous “brown” bread (honey wheat) or the sourdough?

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Are you a fan of power bowls? What are your typical ingredients when you make power bowls?

What foods used to be your favorite and now you find yourself not interesting in eating?



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  1. says

    I used to go to Red Mango all the time with my friends but haven’t had it in years. Now you have my curious if I would still enjoy it.

    The Parmesan broccoli looks delicious! I’ll need to figure out a way to incorporate it into my meals soon.

  2. says

    I love a good power bowl for lunch! Recently I’ve been making ones with quinoa, beans, and all sorts of vegetables. That veggie pizza looks pretty delicious! Now I want pizza for dinner.