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Another Nor’Easter here in New York today! Bleh. I’m trying not to care too much as we are inching closer to spring (and summer!) every day now. Schools are closed and I’m watching the weather on the news at the moment. The rain/snow line is really confusing. How much snow and/or rain we are actually going to get today remains to be seen. More snow than rain? More rain than snow? No idea.

Now that you are caught up on the New York area weather, I have a few meals worth sharing from the last couple of days!

Monday I experienced a random craving for melted mozzarella and tomato, also known as my former favorite meal. I toasted a Food For Life Ezekiel roll (thankfully stored in my freezer), diced up the only tomatoes I had in the house (grape tomatoes) and melted mozzarella cheese on top. Oh! I added a layer of cruciferous crunch under the cheese too.

Such a perfect meal, I really should get back to eating it every day for lunch as I once did for YEARS. Seriously. This melted mozzarella and tomato combo is my former favorite meal. It was my lunch as often as English muffins with peanut butter were my breakfast once upon a time. I’m surprised I ever broke out of either of those favorite meal habits!

melted mozzarella and tomato

A Chopt salad in the late afternoon ended up being dinner. Not complaining! I love a good Chopt salad, especially with the spicy tahini dressing. 🙂

The Chopt salad ingredients that I chose were my usual combination of romaine, spinach, quinoa, avocado, spicy peppers, charred onions, and tomatoes. Spicy tahini on the side.

chopt salad

I worked from Panera yesterday morning which meant free refills on coffee. Decaf coffee though, I mostly can’t drink more than two cups of caffeinated coffee these days. It makes me feel weird when I attempt a sip beyond my caffeine limit.

panera coffee

With two dollars off a salad (!!), I knew I would be staying at Panera for lunch. I customized my usual Panera salad which is the seasonal greens with the addition of avocado and hummus. I love Panera’s hummus!

panera salad

Last night for dinner, I thought we were going to go out for pizza but we ended up home. My son had baseball practice and he was so tired that I made him a pizza bagel and I threw together my plant based stir fry recipe using quinoa in place of rice.

stir fry

Dessert lately has been boring in terms of reporting it f you want to know the truth. I just go with handfuls of semi-sweet chocolate chips from Trader Joe’s. 

Links of Interest:

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And Sprinkles Cupcakes has a COOKIE CUPCAKE this month so I must get to the Sprinkles location in the city to try it!

“Inspired by a delicious recipe in The Sprinkles Baking Book, this chocolate chip studded yellow cake is lined with cookie crust and topped with brown sugar frosting. Dusted with crunchy cookie pieces… that’s the way the cupcake crumbles!”

Talking recent meals on the blog today including some former favorites, salads, and a stir fry. Food links and recipes too! #ontheblog #salads #Panera #Chopt #recipes #sprinkles Click To Tweet

What are your former favorite meals? Do you ever bring them back from time to time? Who else used to eat an English muffin with peanut butter every single morning for breakfast like I did?!

Do you have a standing order at Starbucks? What is it?



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    I used to always get a skinny vanilla latte at Starbucks but now I change it up a lot more! I love getting coffee at places like Panera where you can mix regular coffee with decaf if you want just a little boosts of caffeine but not another full cup of coffee. I hope you guys don’t get too much snow. We got a few inches here but it didnt stick to the roads (at least from what I can see).
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…The Benefits of a Home Treadmill and Initial Thoughts on the NordicTrack 2950My Profile

    • says

      Yes I do that too! I sometimes do the tiniest drop of the hazelnut caffeinated coffee and then the rest decaf. I’m hoping we don’t get much snow either – I need school open tomorrow! lol. So far mainly rain.

  2. says

    For an entire year I had classes all day in college. So I would pack a bunch of snacks that I could eat with little mess/noise in class and wouldn’t take up a ton of room in my bag. No joke, I had cracked black pepper Triscuits, pepperjack cheese and pepperoni as lunch each day that week. So good and easy to eat in between lectures!

    At Starbucks I typically get an unsweetened passionfruit iced tea with no water but occasionally I’ll treat myself to a skinny chai tea latter (hot or iced depending on the weather). Both are delicious.