Season’s 52 + Always Chocolate + Mac Metallics


Hello! Please tell me where the weekend went?!

So the Nor’Easter on Friday wasn’t totally horrible in my immediate area although it was bad enough to keep me home. There was flooding, trains were suspended, trees were down in random locations and it went from rain on one street to snow on the next. Bleh.

By Saturday, believe me when I say I was I ready to get the heck out of the house. I had errands to run, groceries to buy, and things to do.

First of all, you need to know that I was hysterical laughing when I got in my car and glanced down at my phone.

I hadn’t even put the car into drive and my phone just assumed I was on the way to the mall! ! Is it scary that my phone tracks where I like to go or just funny? Where does your phone usually assume you are headed?  Is it usually right?


My phone was actually wrong. I was not on my way to Walt Whitman mall. At least not until later in the day. 

I ran some errands and then landed at Season’s 52 in the afternoon. It had been over a year since I last went to Season’s 52 so I was excited about this meal! Last year they did not have a whole roasted cauliflower on the menu as an appetizer. Of course I had to try it and of course it was delicious. Although cauliflower can be really filling for me. I pop it like it’s candy and then notice I’m super full.

season's 52 whole roasted cauliflower

When I saw mushroom and goat cheese flatbread, I immediately thought back to the best pizza I had in Las Vegas.

I went with the pairing of half a flatbread and salad. Good choice.

seasons 52 flatbread salad

You can’t go to Season’s 52 and not get the mini desserts. I love how they bring over the entire selection and then you pick which you want. Always the chocolate mini dessert options, always.

seasons 52 dessert

Okay so I don’t want to give my phone credit for knowing I was going shopping but I just had to finally locate the Mac Retro Matte Liquid Metallic Lipcolour I mentioned a week or so ago.

The color that I chose is called Gemz and Roses, which is the exact shade I figured I would like based upon what I saw online! The color stays on for a long time like Heather said it would. I also bought the matching Mac Creamsheen Glass (in Delight) to go on top for added shine and hydration (not pictured below).

I took this picture to send to Heather to see what she thought of the lip color before I bought it.

Mac metallic

Gosh how I wish we had these smart phones back when we were kids. We had to wait until we spoke on the phone at home to discuss makeup and clothes and never had the pictures for visualization. Somehow we made it work. Fact: I would carry Heather’s picture with me when I would hit up the makeup counters in the city (there was a cool brand back then called FACE, I wonder where it went?) and then I would ask the makeup artist what he recommended for my friend who moved to Florida. I would proceed to whip out her picture so the makeup artist could see her coloring. The guy definitely thought I was nuts  although I bet now it would be normal if you showed someone a picture of your friend from your phone?

I went to my Target yesterday and they are redoing the ENTIRE store. It’s completely overwhelming! I’m trying not to think about it or need anything other than food because the food is the only thing I can locate easily.

The Target bathing suits were still in their same spot though which inspired me to go home and take a look at my own collection. I knew I needed to clean out my bathing suits drawer so yesterday became the day.

bathing suits

After trying them all on, I was happy to see that I still had a ton of bathing suits that I still liked! I mixed and matched some tops and bottoms and created a few new looks. For some reason, I really thought I needed new suits for this year but now it’s not overly necessary. It’s not easy to find a good suit! I’m really not one of those people who hates bathing suit shopping though, it’s just a matter of trying them on until you find the right cut. Honestly, it’s like anything else you try on. You just have to find the right fit for your body. It’s just that bathing suits often take a little longer until you find one that literally suits you. 

I think I rambled enough this morning. Time to get moving, have a great week!

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How was your weekend? Do anything fun or mostly run errands? Is your Target in the process of being revamped too?

What’s on the workout agenda for today?

Are you good about bathing suit shopping? Do you need new suits for this summer?

Who else wears Mac lipsticks and glosses? I’m sort of new to Mac but I like it!



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  1. says

    The mini desserts at Seasons 52 are the best! I love that it’s the perfect size for after a meal without being a giant plate of sugar.

    I was going to make a Target run Wednesday after work but we’re supposed to get another nor’easter apparently so I may have to push it to this weekend. Now I’m curious if mine is being redone as well.

  2. says

    I really like the concept behind Seasons 52. I went to one in Texas once with a girlfriend and appreciate the focus on seasonal eats. Hooray for cauliflower, which actually has lots of protein so it’s probably you feel so full after.

    Your bathing suit collection is impressive. I have a bunch although most don’t fit right now. One day…

  3. Stephanie says

    I love JCrew’s swimsuits. The mix and match is great and if I need to replace a top or bottom later, I know it will match.
    You should appreciate this – my phone always assumes I’m going to Pure Barre. My friends refer to it as my addiction.