Week In Workouts (Great Runs + Pure Barre!)

Okay so there was something about this week that didn’t feel long yet felt long enough to be a blur because I barely remembered my workouts from Monday and Tuesday until I started putting this post together!

I always take notes after my workouts (right here in the blog editor) but looking back over it now, I didn’t recall AT ALL what I had done only a few days ago.

I ran 6 miles on Monday and a great 30 minute treadmill workout on Tuesday and forgot! HA.

Anyway, another great week in workouts for me! Four days of running is a nice, magic number for me right now, with a good balance between the treadmill and the outdoors with Pure Barre in between.

I like running on the treadmill a whole lot lately. Not only can I play with my incline and speed, but I can wear whatever I want regardless of the weather AND I don’t have to think about the dog walkers in my neighborhood who may or may not have their dogs on their leashes. Nor do I have to think about which dog walker is ahead of me on the path and which way to run around them just in case they don’t feel the need to give me some space. Can you sense that I have a few issues with some of the dog walkers in my area?

Anyway, I know that not everyone has jumped aboard team treadmill. It took me some time too but it’s possible! Please check out my Don’t Hate The Treadmill post from a while back – I think it may help you if you are looking to learn how to embrace and enjoy your treadmill runs. 🙂

Moving on to a recap of my week in workouts!

weekly workout recap

Monday – 6 Miles (Treadmill)

I didn’t plan on running 6 miles but made the decision at the 5 mile mark to run a one mile cool down. I’m not sure of my average pace but finished the 6 miles right at the 50 minute mark.

Tuesday – 30 Min Interval Run (Treadmill)/Free Weights

My plan today was to run for 30 minutes and really make those minutes count.

I decided to do intervals of 5 minutes easy/5 minutes comfortably hard. Let me tell you, this is a great workout!

I kept my comfortably hard intervals between the speeds of 7.5 – 7.8, not going to 8.0 until the last round because I did not want to burn out. The goal of this workout for me was to hold fast, yet not sprint. Trust me when I say, this workout gets really challenging.

Following my run, I stayed in the gym for a bit to use the free weights.

in the gym

Wednesday – Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on abs)

One hour of Pure Barre without having to leave my house. Gosh I love my Pure Barre mornings!

Thursday – 5 Miles Outside

I opted for the outdoors today mainly because I feel like I’m supposed to want to run outside.

This is the run I mentioned in Friday’s Favorites post.  I had no plan for today’s run yet I still ran in line with where I’ve been in terms of pace. My first mile was pretty fast so I told myself to ease up although I never really did. My pace has responded so well to my reduction in mileage – post to come on this topic soon!

5 miles

Friday – 45 Minutes Pure Barre

Saturday – 7.25 Miles (Treadmill)

Remember my new plan for Saturday’s is to run 60 minutes and see each week where that brings me in terms of total miles? Today it was EXACTLY 7.25 miles.

Although, I did note that I didn’t actually start running until the time on the treadmill hit 20 seconds so that sort of stayed in my head, but whatever. Like my dad reminds me when I mention things like this, I’m not training for the Olympics so why get so technical about it?

I started out for the first 3 miles a little more conservative than I would have liked but my feet were sort of adjusting back to wearing my Saucony Rides. I hadn’t worn them in probably a month now because I stopped rotating my running shoes on a strict running schedule since I am running much less.

saucony ride

Not really sure what was wrong, all I know is that my feet instantly noticed the change of shoes and I really missed my Energy Boosts!

After 3 miles, I did pick up my pace and continued to bump it up and hold strong between 7.5 – 8.2. My goal going forward is to try to push myself out of whatever comfort zone I start to settle in on. Today for example, if I found myself holding well at 7.5, I pushed it up to 7.6 , 7.7  and even 7.9 (I never stop at 7.9, usually jump to 8.0!) just to work a little harder. The truth is, I can barely even notice the pace difference but there is a difference because I am running faster. Sometimes I just need to nudge myself to go a little faster and break free from the speeds I have gotten used to running. I can absolutely go faster without issue, especially right now.

For those of you wondering if I miss running longer on Saturday mornings, the answer is NO. I enjoy running, pushing my pace, running for an hour, and then heading home to start my day. I feel the endorphin rush without fatigue and don’t feel the need to lay down and recover. My appetite remains in check and I have plenty of energy to bounce out of the shower and go about my day. Will I ever return to running 10 miles or more? I have no idea. I’m sure if the desire hits, I certainly will but right now, it’s not something I am interested in doing, it’s just something that I used to do.

Sunday – Pure Barre or Rest Day

Haven’t decided yet!

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How was your week in workouts? Anything new or exciting go on? Did you run any new types of workouts?

Which running shoes do you rotate on a regular basis? Are you good about a strict rotation or do you mix it up?

Do dog walkers get in your way when you run outdoors?


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  1. says

    Dog walkers are the worst! I never know how to run around them when I see them. Some have their dog stop and others let it do whatever it wants. Annoying right?

    I used to rotate between two pairs of Brooks Ravennas in different colors but I got out of that habit and just stick with one now. I really love the shoe though.