Friday Favorites! Running + Sushi + Gap Finds

Time for Friday Favorites!

I’m so happy that it’s Friday even though we are experiencing a Nor’Easter today. It was so extremely wonderful to have some sunshine for a few days this week. My mood and energy levels respond immediately to the brighter, sunnier weather that the switch back to gray skies is such a bummer for me. It’s crazy how affected I feel the minute the clouds start to roll in. I’m instantly tired and ready for bed when the skies get dark no matter what time of day it actually is!

Hopefully today’s weather isn’t too bad as I really don’t want it to keep me from going out later tonight! They are hyping it all up to sound like a ton of heavy winds and rain and the meteorologist actually just used the word mishegas to describe today’s forecast (which is Yiddish for crazy mess). Ha, he made me laugh.

Anyway. I have just a few Friday Favorites this week to start the weekend. But hey, a few favorites is better than none, right?

Friday Favorites

Favorite Fitness:

I’m going to have to pick my runs as my favorite fitness this week! I ran on the treadmill two days and ran outside yesterday. I’m so super pleased with how well my pace has responded to running less. My average pace range regardless of where I run right now is much faster than it had been for a while there. And the best part is, I feel terrific and hit these paces without putting in much effort.

5 miles

I promise I will get to those posts on my continued experience with running less (including the topic of running less and not gaining weight because of it).

Favorite Food:

My favorite meal this week was definitely the sushi I had for lunch one afternoon. Sushi spots always have the best lunch specials too! You can pick two or three rolls along with a salad (or soup, but I always get the salad). I should have gone with just the two sushi rolls this time though, I was full with a few rolls left!


Favorite Fashion:

Ugh, for the life of me I cannot locate the link for the soft spun long open-front cardigan WITH A HOOD that I bought at the Gap the other day! I am scouring the Gap’s website but they just don’t have it listed yet! Long cardigans seem to be the trend right now and this one fits really well without being chunky. I tend to shy away from long flowy tops and cardigans because I can appear lost in them but this one doesn’t do that. I will continue to look for the link this weekend and share it once I find it. In the meantime, the open-front chenille cardigan I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is on sale PLUS I found these adorable soft spun side tie pants! I want them in the black!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Any big plans this weekend?

Is the weather an issue where you live today?

Favorite type of sushi roll?

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    Sooooo funny, I bought those black tie pants—thought they would be awesome for casual when at the club or by the beach. The chenille sweater I bought for me Andy my daughter love it for everyday. Let me know about the other sweater sounds great because like you I can’t wear anything overpowering or I get lists in it like a sac. Don’t let the weather stop you go out this evening I am. Friday evenings out are

  2. says

    I recently started eating sushi but I don’t eat seafood. So I love an avocado and cucumber roll with lots of wasabi to get some heat.

    Long cardigans are the best. I have been loving the less chunky one I have this season.

  3. says

    I need that Gap cardigan – I have an Athleta cardigan like that (but without a hood) that I live in. Your runs have been so speedy lately!
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      it wasn’t too bad in my immediate area but it snowed a few minutes away and the wind was whipping! Lots of trees down, trains suspended and flooding all around the island. Nothing worse than losing power though! Sorry that happened to you – I always get nervous about that happening.