Big Salad Kick + Favorite Chili + Food Links!


It’s been a busy week so far! My workdays have been packed (honestly, per the usual) and then my son keeps me busy after school.

My usual plan is to work through the day while he is in school and then run my errands and do what I need to do once I drop him off at the gym or wherever else he needs to be. For the most part, this plan works. On Monday however, it didn’t.

I had planned to go to Trader Joe’s after taking him to the gym in order to grab some additional lunch essentials (as in, salad ingredients) but then he changed his plans which meant my plans changed too.

I’ve been on the big salad kick for lunch for a while now when I eat at home!

The big salad I had on Monday used up the rest of the cruciferous crunch mix, the remaining romaine lettuce, roasted broccoli and string beans, grape tomatoes, plus the lentils and quinoa mix which I cooked in the morning to have for the week.

big salad

I had figured I would run over to Trader Joe’s for more cruciferous crunch mix, a package of romaine lettuce, and an avocado to last me a few more days…but it didn’t happen.

It was sort of okay though because it wasn’t like I didn’t have other food (and vegetables) in the house for lunch yesterday.

I ended up making more of a power bowl for lunch rather than a big salad yesterday using roasted vegetables, the carrot spirals from Trader Joe’s plus the lentils and quinoa mix.

It was FINALLY sunny yesterday which meant my power bowl lunch picture came out a little brighter on its own without needing to edit too much. I was so happy to see the sunshine that I even took my bowl closer to the window for better lighting! It really hasn’t been sunny here in New York in so many days. Lately it seems as though it’s mostly just gray, overcast, and rainy.


Once I took the picture, I noticed my son’s baby picture in the background but couldn’t edit it out – it looked too cute! It’s one of my favorite pictures with his mouth open, half way through him saying something. He was and still is, always saying something. He was a little over two and a half in this picture.

So my additional plan for the lentils and quinoa mix that I cooked on Monday was to make my black bean and quinoa chili. I told you I was going to make it!

This black bean and quinoa chili may not be pretty but it is so crazy easy to make! Since you aren’t cooking meat, this chili comes together really fast, especially since I cooked the lentils and quinoa earlier in the day. I definitely recommend you try this easy recipe – it’s my favorite chili and perfect for freezing too.

black bean quinoa chili

I did finally make it to Trader Joe’s yesterday afternoon by the way. When I grabbed a Trader Joe’s basket I laughed at myself for doing so as no one leaves with just the two things they go into the store to get! I did okay though, only grabbing a few extras. Like the semi-sweet chocolate chips. I buy them every time. 🙂

Trader Joe's basket

Bringing back the food links of interest as many of you showed major interest last week!

One Skillet Lemon Butter Chicken and Orzo – On my list to make for my son ASAP!

Creamy Tomato Basil Gnocchi Soup

Crunchy BBQ Chickpea Lettuce Wraps

5 Quick Facts Every Oreo Lover Must Know  – Who remembers the giant Big Stuff Oreo’s?! They need to bring those back.

10 Trader Joe’s Hummus Dips Ranked Best To Worst  – I honestly stopped enjoying their garlic hummus. Something doesn’t taste right to me anymore.

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What have you been enjoying for lunch lately?

What do you like to add to your big salads when you make them?

Do you have a favorite hummus from Trader Joe’s?



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  1. says

    I’m the worst at getting just what I need at TJ’s! I’ll start with a basket then have to switch to a cart.

    Lunch is always the same for me: a peanut butter sandwich, carrots, pretzels and hummus. Easy but delicious!