Friday Favorites For The Last Friday In February!


Happy Friday! I’m very much ready for the weekend and some time away from my computer screen. Here are some of my favorites from the week!

Friday Favorites

Favorite Fitness:

Picking a favorite workout from my week is getting increasingly hard to do! I had 3 great runs so far plus an awesome “cardio Pure Barre” workout that I created for myself on Wednesday. I was going to discuss that workout more in-depth on Sunday but for now, I think it was my favorite. Or maybe yesterday’s run was my favorite. UGH! See, I can’t choose.

What I can say, is the last section of thighs that I chose, which was a 5 minute Pure Barre workout for thighs, was so intense I didn’t know what to do with myself. Here’s a screenshot below from the workout. If you think this looks simple, try doing lunges with your back foot up against the wall without really releasing for 2 1/2 minutes each leg. It hurts so good.

pure barre on demand thighs


Favorite Food:

Hmm. My favorite food from the week was probably last night’s homemade pizza bagels. While I didn’t get a picture, my pizza bagel resembled the pizza bagel in this post.

I saw this infographic on Facebook this week and it cracked me up. Can you see the small little red dot of where the good bagels are in the country? That’s where I live. And I agree. I don’t think there’s much to argue here. 🙂


bagel map

Favorite Fashion:

Let’s talk about one of my favorite Henri Bendel accessories today. I’m pretty sure I mentioned the Bendel packable bags collection in the past but let’s discuss how I use this packable hobo on a regular basis.

The packable bags zip up small and flat like this picture below which means you can easily take them anywhere! They are perfect for traveling, and as I’ve been using mine lately, perfect for stashing in my everyday bag.

Henri bande packable hobo

Why do I always need to have it with me you ask? Well, since Suffolk County put the 5 cent for plastic bags rule into effect, anywhere you go, you may need a bag, including the mall! I never know when I may purchase something so having this packable hobo tote with me solves the problem.

This packable hobo is awesome as a pool bag by the way. I used it while in Las Vegas and will continue to pack it as my pool bag any time I go on vacation.

Henri Bendel packable tote

Other Henri Bendel Packable that you may like are the packable overnight bag, packable backpack, and reversible packable tote.


Favorite Find:

Lately I’ve been trying to mix up my makeup products just a bit. And, if I can save money, all the better! But here’s the thing. Some products shouldn’t be messed with and some don’t have, what the fashion/beauty bloggers call a “dupe”, which refers to cheaper products that they find just as good as the more expensive items.

I wanted to see if I could find an alternative to the Dior Flash Illuminizer Radiance Booster Pen but honestly, no such thing exists. This pen is really the best for highlighting, brightening, and softening the complexion. I’ve been using it for a few years already and when I ran out recently, it was totally missing from my face.

“Radiance Booster Pen fuse with the skin to capture light around the eyes and across the face for a dewy glow. Formulated with Dior’s beautyfier complex™, the blend is enriched with hyaluronic acid microspheres to combat fine lines and wrinkles for petal-soft, youthful-looking skin. Signs of fatigue are concealed, the eyes are visibly revived, and facial shadows are illuminated for a contoured and radiant complexion.”

It glides on and is perfect for taking with you anywhere for touch ups. It’s a must in our daily beauty routines. A must.

Dior Skin Flash


Oh! And if you are looking for a new long-lasting pretty lip gloss, my friend Heather is obsessed right now with her latest favorite find from Mac. They line of Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours in the Metallics she said are amazing. She bought the violet shade and said it literally stayed on and shiny for 8 hours. She even sent me a picture to prove it. I think I am going to go to the store to try this one which is a soft, pinky beige.

Have a terrific weekend!

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Any fun plans this weekend?

Do you have decent bagels in your area?

Have you tried the metallic lip glosses from Mac?


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  1. says

    I did a 10 minute barre type workout from Popsugar and oh my goodness…it’s intense. I can’t imagine a full class of it.
    New York bagels are great…but the bagel shop near my apartment was on Food Network so I have to say they’re pretty amazing.

    • says

      well you are in New Jersey, right? so I think that’s why and the map sort of indicates part of NJ. I’ve had plenty of bagels from northern New Jersey and would agree they are just as good. 🙂