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thinking out loud

I haven’t stepped into Lululemon in a long time. Am I missing anything?

I also haven’t stepping into Lifetime to use the guest pass they issued me with my son’s recent membership. While I do appreciate that they gave me the free pass, right now I really just prefer that I take him when he wants to go and then pick him up rather than try to determine when I can get there for myself to take one of their three types of spin classes or use one of their six types of treadmills. Too overwhelming for me and my basic workout routine right now!


I ran outside both Monday and Tuesday morning this week because the weather has been warmer than usual. The scary thing is, I can’t say my excitement for running outdoors was as high as its been in previous winters during these random weather warm ups. I KNOW. I sound so weird. The treadmill really hasn’t bothered this winter though, probably because I am still running so much less than I used to that burnout indoors has yet to occur.

This is also another sign of me not being able to anticipate my mileage creeping back up come spring by the way. I’m really much happier overall with running less so even warm, sunny weather may not change that. I just don’t think I want to go back to running longer distances on a regular basis and I also don’t think I want to return to running 5-6 days a week. But that may change and that’s okay. It doesn’t need to be decided or known at this point, it can change whenever I feel like it. We will see.

Anyway, on another topic, have I told you that my son is on a kick lately with the assisted living commercial, A Place For Mom? He keeps telling me that’s where he is sending me and I’m like – WAIT. You will pay for me to live there? I don’t have to work or pay my own bills and they have a gym? And a pool? Can I please go now? You are not insulting me when you tell me I’m going there. It sounds like a dream.

Maybe then I could spend my days leisurely reading magazines. I still love a good magazine over just internet reading. My mom saved me the latest In Style magazine and I’m slowly going through it each night.

In Style has always been my favorite.

In Style Magazine


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Are you a magazine reader or do you read mostly online these days? Favorite magazine?

Are you running more or less on average right now as compared to the past few years?

Anyone else reading to join me at a Place For Mom? 🙂 


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  1. Lauren says

    Lulu has some cute stuff….do you wear the pants to run? I love them b/c I can keep phone on side pocket and it doesn’t move!!
    I worked there seasonally this year–and loaded up on the pants! Plus a few other must have’s:)))

    Your son is funny!!

    • says

      So I used to wear Lulu pants but I’ve slowly switched over to the gap. My pace rivals were not holding up like they used to, I even brought them to Lulu to be sewn at the seams but I’m finding the gap pants more comfortable (and cheaper!). I do like the phone pocket and back zipper of the Lulu pants though so I may see if I start to run more outside again this summer, then I will need the Lulu pants back probably! which ones in particular do you wear?

      • Lauren says

        So at the store where I worked —we ALWAYS swapped out any damaged pants (even seams) for a new pair….Now they aren’t even attempting to do seam repair. If you still have the pants you should bring them in and they will/should give you a pair similarly priced if we don’t have the exact ones.
        Here are the pants I love:
        Align: Comfy run errands—the softest pants ever made…IMO!
        All the Right Places Pants/Crop-I have the pants—but after I bought them, I saw the crop come out–I am short so prob should have gotten crop–oh well–they work and have amazing pocket for phone/keys etc.
        Fast and Free Crop/Pant: Also great with side pockets. I do NOT love the speed up pant because the zipper on the back can hurt if you are laying down to stretch or do yoga–(or Pure Barre for you).
        Lastly—for travel–On the Fly Pant is fabulous. You can dress up for events–or dress down with sneakers…They wash well…Check em out if you need good travel/hang out pants too.

        I also run in the Swiftly Tech shirts…I have had mine for years–they last and are the perfect material….keep you warm but not too hot.

        Sorry for rambling!

  2. says

    I have gone into Lululemon twice. There stuff just does not work for my body type and that’s okay with me since it’s so expensive!

    While magazine reading is awesome I don’t read a ton. Currently I have a subscription to Magnolia Journal which I adore and will renew and then I just sent away for a Taste of Home subscription since I got a free subscription card with a gifted cook book from them.

  3. says

    I think I’ve only been into a Lulu once. I was so overwhelmed by it all (prices, light, etc) that I barely glanced at things and left quickly. Anxiety rears its ugly head at the randomest times. haha

    I like to read magazines but I don’t always buy them. And, I let my subscription to Runner’s World lag so I’m not even getting that. I’m not sure how, or why, but I have been getting Better Homes and Gardens (not something I would ever pick up) and I’ve actually saved, and made, some of the recipes in a few issues! That’s about the extent of my magazine reading.

    And, yeah, I’ll join you! We can read magazines by the pool together. 🙂
    Jennifer @ Fit Nana recently posted…Fit with Diabetes eBook Review!My Profile

  4. says

    ‘On this day’ – I love this added to your post!! I think I need to do that too as I’ve been blogging way too dang long– it is always fun looking at old posts. Cheers!

  5. says

    I’m probably still running less than I used to but still more than last year. The assisted living thing sounds great! When we were looking for houses all these 55+ communities would pop up and they looked SO nice, we were wishing we could just live there.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…February RunfessionsMy Profile