Oats In A Jar + Salads + Food-Related Links


And it’s Wednesday already! My son is off from school all week (President’s Day is a President’s Week holiday for us) but I’m still working from home so this is a fun balancing act.

Actually, it’s really not that difficult as my son continues to get older. He sleeps later than he did when he was younger and he really likes going to the gym (remember he joined Lifetime?) so that’s been a plus! So between those factors plus taking him to hang with friends (and the help of my parents, he really likes going to their house), I’m able to get things done.

Rather than me continue to ramble about my days and routine, let’s focus on the food. Here are some meals I’ve enjoyed over the last few days!

It’s really so rare that I make oats in a jar anymore. I was even starting to wonder why I was keeping the almost-empty peanut butter jars in my pantry. BUT! On Monday we went to the Islanders matinée game and I wanted to bring something to eat on the way.

Oats In A Jar. PERFECT.

oats in a jar

On the way home from the Islander game, we stopped at Moe’s to pick up dinner.

I was so hungry that I started to eat my Moe’s salad in the car! In the salad was a combination of black beans, onions, peppers, mushrooms, guacamole, salsa, jalapeños, and even olives. I technically don’t like olives but again, I was starving and wanted as much as possible in that bowl. Plus, when olives are diced up and combined with a ton of other flavors, I don’t mind as much.

moe's salad

Here’s a quick picture of my favorite combination, pizza and salad. I say quick because my son thinks I’m rude when I take pictures of my food. The reality is, he just likes to insult me at every chance he gets.

pizza and salad

I had a free salad at Panera yesterday! I use the Panera Rewards thing so I was able to score a free lunch while working at Panera in between driving my son to the gym, home from the gym, and then back out to a friend.  🙂

panera salad

So I thought I would start sharing some food-related links in my Wednesday food posts. What do you think, good idea?

Did you hear how much money Jay-Z spent out for dinner the other night in New York? 13K at Zuma, the restaurant I was just at and wrote about last week.

8 Lightened Up Take-Out Dishes You Can Make At Home

25 Healthy Comfort Food Recipes

And here’s an interesting one for you. Trendy Superfoods Nutritionists Say You Can Skip.  I’m not at all surprised by this article as it’s fairly typical to hear mixed reviews on superfoods and their benefits. The only one on this list that I eat (well, drink) is Apple Cider Vinegar. People often ask me if I feel the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar in my water and the answer is, I really don’t know. I think that I used to, when I first started driving apple cider vinegar in my water four years ago but now, I really have no idea. I’m just so used to drinking it at this point so I keep doing it every morning!

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Anyone still eating oats in a jar or has that food trend become more of a thing of the past?

If you clicked to read the superfoods article, what are your thoughts? Do you eat any of those superfoods?

Do you like olives?


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    I really enjoyed the links you shared – the comfort food one is perfect for Fridays in Lent, when I want to eat comfort food but need to eat meatless. I thought the superfoods article was really interesting!
    I haven’t had oats in a jar in soooo long. I used to eat them all the time in college and grad school for a portable, healthy breakfast.
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