Parkland’s Run 4 Beigel


As a runner, I wanted to share the below information regarding today’s Run 4 Beigel. While I’m trying to return the blog to “normal”, I’m not going to pretend last week’s tragedy didn’t happen nor am I going to sugar coat my feelings or skip over things like this because I don’t want to discuss it. I’m certainly not political and will never bring those topics to the blog (because I wouldn’t even know what I’m talking about) but I will bring certain things to light ESPECIALLY when it’s running related.

Today, February 20, is #runwithcoachbeigel#runwithMSDXC day. Runners all around the nation will be outside, dedicating their run to beloved Cross Country Coach, Coach Scott Beigel and all of the 17 victims.

A Facebook page was created for this run which you can visit here. Listed on the page is this message:

Everyone, please share this with your friends and try to spread the word as much as possible. We would like to create a nationwide/worldwide run in honor of our Coach who was a victim of the shooting, as well as the 16 other victims. Please share with as many people as possible and ask them to go on a run/walk on Tuesday, February 20th, and post pictures on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook to with the hashtags from this poster.

As most runners share their workouts on social media, please remember to keep all those affected by last week’s tragedy in your thoughts during your run, honoring those who lost their lives through the use of these hashtags #runwithcoachbiegel #runwithMSDXC.

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    I love the idea of running in memory of all those lost in this tragedy, its a great way to unite together not only as a nation but globally and show support.