New Blog Design + Weekly Workout Recap


Do you notice things look a little bit different around here?! We made the blog theme switch yesterday morning and since then, I’ve done my best to not get sucked into working on all of the little details that go along with updating a blog. There are so many spots that require new coding and changes!

For the most part though, things are in place. There are still some areas and pages to sort out, organize, and edit plus things I want to implement but I don’t think that they are huge details that will affect anyone’s ability to read the site.

So far, I really like how it looks! Do you like it? Please let me know. And please let me know if anything isn’t displaying correctly for you!

So while I’ve been busy with my blog (and half following the news and social media/half trying to steer clear because I can’t handle it, especially my facebook feed), I quickly put together my recap from this week’s workouts.

Monday – 35 Minutes Treadmill Intervals

I guess we can call this 4 miles of intervals plus cool down to 35 minutes. Initially I only planned to run 3 miles with a cool down to 30 minutes but at the 30 minute mark I was closer to 4 miles than 3 miles so I kept going, hit 4 miles and then cooled down (slower speed on incline of 3.0 – 4.0) to 35 minutes total.

Tuesday – 50 Minutes Pure Barre (Essentials #2)

The Pure Barre workout I chose today from Pure Barre On Demand was called Essentials #2. It’s actually a former Pure Barre DVD which is now available through the On Demand streaming service.

pure barre on demand

I mentioned on Instagram after this workout that I’m really trying to focus during Pure Barre, more than in the past. I think when I was balancing running on the same days as Pure Barre or even just when I was running more in general, I went through the motions during Pure Barre more often than not. While yes, I still feel I got in quality Pure Barre workouts, right now I feel as though I can take Pure Barre to another level. I’m working on staying really focused, not allowing myself to drop my arms or legs when it starts to burn. It’s so easy to drop for a second but if you keep going through the burn, that’s truly when the real results and strength (mentally and physically) can develop.

Wednesday – 45 Minutes Treadmill

Is it weird that I rarely consider running outside right now? I’m really happy with treadmill workouts right now. Maybe that will change in the spring/summer – I don’t know. All I know is that the treadmill has been really kind to me and I’m enjoying pushing my pace and playing with the incline during my runs.

45 minutes which was 5 miles plus a 4 minute cool down. I ran intervals sort of, nothing timed or planned. I just played with my speed and when I dropped it to slower, I raised the incline. My inclines ranged throughout between 1.0 – 2.5.

Thursday – Gym Day

Calling this is a “gym day” because I was in the gym doing random things. I’m not even sure how long I was there but my guess is around 40 -45 minutes. I was super sweaty when I was done!


Here’s what I did:

10 min elliptical < – at speed/resistance more than just a warm up but nothing too hard

Free weights/upper body stuff/jumping jacks in between sets

10 min run on treadmill – came out to 1.25 miles

Jumping jacks/walking lunges with 10 lb free weights/squats and things like that

One fast mile running to finish

Friday – Rest Day

I decided on a rest day this morning, mainly for two reasons. One, I was super hungry yesterday and I rarely experience hungry days anymore so I thought that a rest day may help my appetite to calm down. And two, I was sore from yesterday’s workout! I don’t know exactly which part made my legs sore but a day off could only help my muscles to recover.

Saturday – 7 Miles (treadmill)

I think this is my longest run of the year so far! The weather wasn’t even that cold outside (maybe 29 degrees?) but I still opted for the treadmill.

Nothing special to report, just 7 miles in like 58 minutes.

Sunday – Pure Barre

Probably a 45 minute Pure Barre workout, not sure which one yet.

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How was your week in workouts? Did the weather play a role in if you ran inside or outside?

Are you liking or hating the treadmill at this point in the winter?

What type of cross training did you do this week?


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  1. Sharon says

    The new blog design looks great! I like the pink and black colors, and your new picture is so nice. Congratulations!

  2. says

    I love the design! Your picture is gorgeous as well! Can’t wait to explore more pages with this design.

    I never run on the treadmill due to not have access to one. If the weather is bad then I just move runs around and deal with it. Sometimes that means completely ditching a run on my schedule and other times it just means changing the days around.

  3. says

    I’m a huge fan of the new design! I always get weirdly nostalgic about change but I think this one preserves a lot of what I liked about your old design while also updating it. Also, that new headshot of you is STUNNING!

  4. says

    Ahhh, obsessed with your new blog design! It’s very you. My week of workouts has been…scarce hehe. I had a VERY busy week last week, one of those where you barely lift your head up, so I only worked out once on the weekdays and then on Sunday when I got back to NYC and was able to breathe. Hopefully will have more time next week because I do miss my workouts. 🙂
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