Debating If I Would Post + Hungry Day + Vegetable Pizza

I’m sitting here debating if I should be posting today. Usually I share some fun, mindless Friday Favorites and of course I have a few up my sleeve for today but doing so right now doesn’t feel so right.

I just learned that one of the brave teachers who died while saving his students was in fact my camp friend’s brother. I used to sleep at their house, when they still lived here in New York, all of the time. I’m also remembering that her birthday was actually on Valentine’s Day. How awful.

I didn’t realize it at first yesterday when my son told me that some of his friends lost their teacher and camp counselor. Didn’t realize it when Heather mentioned it to me either. I don’t know why it took so long to click. Maybe because I’ve been trying not to listen to the victim names and stories because it upsets me. Or maybe because I’m trying to avoid having the news on too often with my son home because I don’t want him to hear any more than he has to hear.

Regardless, this is all so tragic and more close to home than it already felt. Things like this need to stop happening. I’m so not political or type who preaches or gets involved in debates but man, what kind of world is this that we are living in?!


I guess I’m posting today.

Instead of chatting about favorites, I have two things to share with you.

First, I had this yummy slice of vegetable pizza yesterday afternoon. I was having a major hungry day all day yesterday. That hungry feeling, combined with a pizza craving, is what led me to the pizza place for this perfect slice. All I wanted to do was break off the crust and dip it in the sauce and then dig in to the rest. That’s how I like to eat my pizza. Crust first.

vegetable pizza

And second, I do believe that I will be making the design switch for my site this weekend so expect to see new colors and layout at some point in the next few days! I’m excited myself to see how it looks and then learn the new image sizing for blog post photos and things like that.

Have a nice weekend. 🙂





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  1. Marissa says

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s loss. It’s absolutely devastating. Something has to change 🙁

  2. Tracy says

    I am just sick about it. I also knew her from law school and was told by a mutual friend who works with her about her brother and that it was her birthday. I go back and forth between being able to read about it and needing to stop because its so devastating. There really are no words…it just hits so close to home. My heart is absolutely broken for the families in Parkland.

    • says

      so close to home, and I’m in New York! I remember she went to law school, it’s all so sad and even worse on her birthday for her. my son said they did a memorial this morning for the whole thing plus for Scott because he had gone to my son’s school back in the day. I feel so bad for everyone affected by this – I can’t really watch or read about it yet sometimes I can’t avoid it. I hope something changes because this is no way for everyone to have to live.

  3. says

    Hi Meredith,
    I am so much sorrow for your camp friend’s brothers died. But one this is so amazing that saving a li fe another one!
    By the way, your yummy slice of vegetable pizza looking so much delicious!