Weekend Sentence Per Picture

Recapping the last few days weekend sentence per picture style…

The roasted brussels sprouts and root vegetables are what will keep me returning to Core Life Eatery again and again.

core life eatery

A great meal at Market Bistro featuring tuna tartare as an appetizer followed by this beet salad and a few of those crispy French fries.

market bistro

While chocolate sits in first place in my heart, a good apple crisp really isn’t far behind.

apple crisp

By the way, this Trader Joe’s deep dish chocolate chip cookie is hiding in my freezer until I feel like taking it out to try it/my son discovers it.

Trader Joe's deep dish chocolate chip cookie

If you think you can’t get a quality, crazy burning arm workout without weights, think again.

pure barre

^Screenshot from yesterday’s Pure Barre workout. OMG, try pushing a ball into the wall to work your triceps. 

It rained ALL DAY yesterday which made me want to hide in my bed all day… but I didn’t.


Bloomingdale’s is running 25% off everything (I’m sure there’s an exclusion, there’s always an exclusion) so that’s where I was instead of joining my son at Lifetime yesterday afternoon.


I bought a new pair of Seven Jeans and this Splendid Long Camo Hoodie BUT I ended up ordering them online after being in the store just so I could score the Ebates. 🙂

And just to finish off this Monday post, THIS QUOTE IS SO ME.


Wishing us all a great week ahead!

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Who has tried the Trader Joe’s deep dish chocolate chip cookie?! What did you think?

Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Do you use Ebates when you shop online?

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