Dinner At Zuma (WIAW)


I haven’t done an actual What I Ate Wednesday post in a while now! Today seemed like a good day to link up with Laura at Sprint To The Table. 🙂


I tried so hard this time around to capture pictures of my pre and post workout breakfast. Really, I tried.

My mornings always start out like the image below. A nice mug of coffee next to my laptop. I always drink a big glass of water with a drop of apple cider vinegar mixed in when I first wake up – we can be sure I never think to take a picture of that though, I’m still half asleep.


As I sip my mug of coffee, I work on my blog, usually text with Heather simultaneously about clothes or whatever else since we are both up early. Once I finish my coffee, I make a small bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and peanut butter, also known as pre-workout breakfast.

Of course I missed the picture.

Then my son is up and out the door for school, I either run or do a killer Pure Barre workout, shower and prepare another bowl of oatmeal. This is where I totally failed AGAIN. Missed the picture! I’m a really boring breakfast person at this point in my blogging life though as I eat the same oatmeal every day anyway. It’s basically this blueberry pie protein oatmeal recipe, only lately I add diced apples too.


I bought mandarin oranges for my son but I eat them too when they are in the house. Mandarin oranges are cute, taste good, and provide a nice dose of Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

mandarin oranges


Typical lunch salad on rotation right now featuring a mix of the Trader Joe’s veggies & greens salad mix with the addition of a Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger, chick peas, avocado, and roasted string beans.

lunch salad


I had a delicious dinner at Zuma!

Zuma is a modern Japanese restaurant in the city and has been on my radar of restaurants to try for a while. Zuma has a bunch of locations worldwide, including one in Las Vegas. It was on my maybe list for Vegas but we ultimately chose to hold off for the city location here instead.

There was a lot on the menu to choose from and they recommended that we order a few things to share. From what I recall, each part of the menu is cooked in a separate kitchen or something like that.

We chose the rock shrimp tempura on the right and on the left, I believe it was a salmon and tuna tartare which came with those flat bread chips.


Plus a few sushi rolls which I forgot to get pictures of until after we were already in the middle of eating.

zuma sushi

My only problem with Zuma is that they don’t have those crispy rice tuna things,  also known as my favorite appetizer. Koi, my other favorite Japanese spot does have them though, and Koi is only a few blocks down from Zuma. We passed Koi on the way to Zuma so now I want to go there again really soon. I haven’t been to Koi now in a few years I think! Funny, both Zuma and Koi have Las Vegas locations too.

Did I not have dessert? I don’t think I did because I don’t see a picture here in my phone. Hmm.

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Do you have a favorite Japanese restaurant? What do you like to order?

What have you been eating for breakfast lately?

Anyone else drink Apple Cider Vinegar in their water in the morning?

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    I’ve actually been eating oatmeal for breakfast some days this winter. It used to always be eggs or smoothies. I really like how easy oatmeal is and also its nice and warm after a cold run!

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    I do warm water with half a lemon juiced in it for first breakfast every day. I think it’s a ACV equivalent. Ave has taken to joining me too. She loves it, which is funny because it’s so sour and citrusy.
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