Back From Las Vegas + Workout Recap


Oh, hi! I’m back from Las Vegas and still trying to adjust to normal. How are you? What have I missed?

Las Vegas

I feel like I haven’t written a blog post in forever even though it has only been a few days. I stayed away from my laptop AND the blog so that I could really enjoy myself and get a much-needed break.

My running shoes stayed home while I was in Las Vegas (I wore these sneakers instead) although I easily walked several miles a day. Walking the strip, even walking through the hotels, is quite a workout in itself!

bellagio fountains

^ Bellagio Fountains

I’m working on putting together a recap of what I ate in Las Vegas but it’s taking me some time to go through my pictures. Editing photos is definitely a monotonous process!

Anyway, here’s a quick look at my workouts from the week….

Monday – 5 Miles

It was warm enough to run outside again. At some point during mile 4 (or maybe 5) Heather called me so I slowed down to chat with her.


Tuesday – 60 Min Pure Barre

It worked out really well that it was pouring rain outside because I wanted to do a Pure Barre workout anyway. I chose the Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on seat) workout – read the review I once wrote about this workout here.

Wednesday – Away

Thursday – Away

Friday – Away

Saturday – 4 Miles

We arrived home late Friday night. The time change really threw me for a loop so when I woke up today (super late for me), I still felt like it was very early in the morning. After lounging for a bit, I chose to run a few miles outside in an attempt to get my bearings again.

running shadow

See, I’m still a runner at heart. While I do love Pure Barre, running is my go-to activity in order to feel normal.

Sunday – 30 Minutes Treadmill

I couldn’t fall asleep last night and then slept late again this morning. While I could have kept sleeping, I figured I should get up, even if I’m tired, just to try to reset my clock and get back to normal again.

It was raining so I headed to the gym for the treadmill. 3.50 miles right at the 30 minute mark. Not half bad but then my cramps kicked in. Between being tired plus dealing with my time of the month, my plan for some free weights didn’t happen.

It’s not worth pushing myself when I know I’m not feeling 100%. < – This totally relates to Laura’s guest post on female runners and the menstrual cycle! I have always been extremely sensitive to hormone changes and how my cycle affects my workouts. 

Ugh, Monday.

I’m tired, could have continued to sleep all day but real life awaits. I’ve got a gazillion emails waiting for me this morning. Bleh. This is the hardest part of coming back from a trip!

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How do you do with time changes and traveling? Do you adjust easily?

Did I miss anything these last several days? Please let me know what’s new with you if I did! I haven’t read any blog posts in a really long time so I am not caught up!

What’s on the workout agenda for today?



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      I hate adjusting to a time change but thankfully I was fine with meals – I got hungry at my usual intervals so I just ate then. it’s so weird with different time zones though and how they can affect us!

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    I love running Vegas 🙂 It’s especially fun at about 6am when people are still out from the night before. Ha. I do okay recovering from traveling as long as I don’t have a huge time change. However, it took me about 3 days to feel normal after traveling to Europe 2 summers ago.

    Today’s workout was boot camp, and I’m doing the Candace and Kira’s 18K push up challenge, so that’s 50 push ups each day and thankfully I got that done during boot camp!
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