Finally Ran Outside (!!) + New Workout Routine (Workout Recap)


So on Tuesday I shared my positive experiences with a two-week break from running. I also mentioned that I would be talking more about how I plan to proceed going forward in terms of running and my workout routine, now that I really like the feeling of running less.

While I think my routine will be one that continues to change as I feel like changing, right now I am in the mood to alternate cardio days with Pure Barre days. Of course it’s possible I have consecutive days of cardio (as I did this week just based on how the week started) but overall, this is my loose plan.

I don’t want (or as I’m realizing, need) to run five or even six days a week, every week. I don’t want to run for an hour or even run long at the moment.

Overall, I feel really good right now. Running or choosing the elliptical for 30 – 45 minutes seems right and ENOUGH. Longer Pure Barre routines feel AMAZING. My appetite feels so human and pleasant and normal. I feel more in tune with my energy levels, hunger levels, and mood while also loving how my clothes fit (read: no bloat or that bulky muscle feeling which I hardly realized was an issue until now that it’s not there).

This new way of approaching my workout routine is just what’s working for me at the moment. It’s what I feel like doing. It makes me happy when I wake up. I don’t feel the winter morning dread of ugh, I need to get moving. It’s time to go warm up to run.

Rather, I feel up and ready for my workout. Eager. Excited. Happy. Not that I totally wasn’t all of those things before but there was definitely that feeling, more often, of UGH…

Do I really want to work out today? Do I want to change out of my pajamas? Am I ready to run 6 miles? Do I even want to run 6 miles? How long will I need to warm up? Am I in the mood do this? 

Of course I don’t know that my workout routine will stay this way! My guess is that I will keep doing what feels right for me, rather than subconsciously trying to keep up with the mileage and routine I slowly built for myself as a runner over the last five years.

winter weekly workout recap

Monday – 10 Min Elliptical/3 Miles

I thought about running outside and then saw a temperature of 17 degrees. No thank you. I headed to the gym in my community for a quick cardio workout.

10 minute warm up on the elliptical followed by 3 miles on the treadmill. This is only my second run since returning after my two-week break.

I played with my speed, running conservative intervals throughout the 26 minutes. Without pushing it, I was fine to play between 6.6 – 7.5, probably averaging out more around 6.8.

Tuesday – Pure Barre Pure Results: Abs

I listed today’s Pure Barre workout in Friday’s Favorites post as my favorite fitness from the week.

Woah. This one hour Pure Barre workout which focuses on abs/core is intense! Even when they say the focus is abs, trust me when I say it’s still a full body workout, running through the usual Pure Barre routine of abs, arms, thighs, seat, core. My heart was POUNDING at times and I almost broke a sweat!

pure barre pure results abs

Wednesday – 10 Min Elliptical/3 Miles

So I didn’t even plan to run 3 miles! I went over to the gym under the loose assumption that would bop around from elliptical to treadmill and maybe even the bike!

I warmed up on the elliptical and then switched to the treadmill with only a goal of one mile. Then one mile became two and at two I said hey, just go to three!

I ran what we would consider a progression run,  starting at 6.8 and progressing to holding at 7.6. It felt amazing.  3 miles finished at the 25 minute mark exactly.

energy boosts

Thursday – 45 Min Pure Barre

I was still a little bit sore from Tuesday’s Pure Barre workout but once I stretched a bit, I was fine for a 45 minute Pure Barre routine.

Friday – 30 Min Elliptical

I had to take my son to school this morning so I was half an hour later than usual to start my workout. This didn’t matter much though as I only planned to do 30 minutes on the elliptical! <- Major plus here to shorter workout times. I don’t have to stress fitting in an hour or more of running when I have other obligations!

After the elliptical, I did a few rounds of Jen’s strength circuit again. Remember I mentioned she shared this workout on Instagram? Have you tried it yet? It’s such a good one and easy to follow!

strength circuit

Saturday – 5 Miles

First outdoor run in FOREVER!! I was excited to get outside and run a few miles. It had been so long since I ran outside (maybe early December?) that I didn’t even know how to dress for the weather. HA.

Anyway, I went easy the first mile and then picked up my pace in random intervals to where I knew I was working but not crazy pushing it. I was eager to see my splits when I finished because I knew I had to be moving fairly quickly. My legs FELT SO FRESH.

5 miles splits

If you think for one minute that two weeks off from running will hurt your fitness, think again. I feel so rejuvenated out there!

Sunday – Pure Barre

I will be away for a few days later this week and plan to leave my running shoes and workout clothes at home. For this reason, I’m squeezing in a Pure Barre workout today since I will be off for at least three days later in the week. 🙂

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How was your week in running/workouts? Were you able to run outdoors?

Are you looking to shake up your workout routine? What are you thinking to do differently?

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  1. says

    I think that running less this month has really helped to break up the winter runs. Also having a treadmill definitely helps! But I still feel like my mileage has been much lower due to traveling, being sick, and the weather. I could feel myself burning out from those few outdoor runs when it was really cold at the end of December, so Im glad I am not dealing with that anymore! I ran outside yesterday and it was around 40 which felt amazing!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…5 Winter Workouts to Keep You Warm When It’s Cold OutsideMy Profile

  2. says

    My legs have felt so fresh lately that I am just enjoying it until the hard training starts for my May half. I’m running how much I want based on each day and it feels good! I bet the shorter run schedule will work out well for you!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Friday ThriveMy Profile

  3. says

    I ran outdoors all week which was nice. Saturday had such pleasant weather for an outdoor run so I was happy to run 10 miles in it.
    Last week I incorporated very short strength workouts for after my runs. A goal of mine is to work on strength training this year and it felt good even though it wasn’t much. Slow and steady is the plan for shaking up the workout routine.

  4. says

    Great balance you have morphed into. I do the same—yoga every weekday morning religiously at the same studio for years and runs on the days I choose. If I don’t run my day to day walking totals in the seven miles anyway being that I walk a lot of my day and errands in the city. Have an awesome trip! Btw, the Bendel’s wallet/clutch is ❤️