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Every time I do the laundry and it’s time to move the wet clothes to the dryer, I pray that when I open the dryer, it’s empty. You know, not filled with a load of clean clothes that I totally ignored forgot needed to be folded. Twice this week I was surprised elated to see an empty dryer! It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

I keep thinking that I want to clean out the kitchen junk drawer again but then I see no point. It’s never organized (even with the drawer organizer thing with sections) or neat for more than an hour. Junk drawers are supposed to be messy, otherwise they wouldn’t be referenced with a word like junk. If a junk drawer was meant to be neat, it would have a different, more purposeful name. Like supply drawer. Or at the very least, random drawer. Random sounds nicer than junk but my drawer is more junky than random right now. Like I’m pretty sure there is an empty roll of scotch tape sitting in the drawer to fool us into thinking we actually have tape until it’s time to use the roll of tape to realize we have none.

My parents don’t have a kitchen junk drawer. Oh, no. Their kitchen drawers serve purpose. What you and I would refer to as a junk drawer, is a neatly organized drawer of supplies with pens that all have ink (and caps), pencils which are sharpened with the perfect point, scissor, full roll of tape, etc. Everything has a proper spot. You take what you need and place it back accordingly.

Maybe I’m just a pseudo neat person. You can walk into my house and assume I’m the neatest, cleanest, most clutter-free person…until you open the junk drawer. Or hall closet. Please don’t open that, something might fall on you if you don’t open it a certain way.

This post from Lauren Conrad on how to clear clutter and organizing every part of your house has inspired me to purchase every cute bin and container in Target.

So this email came to me a few times on Tuesday.

NYC marathon

Ironic that it arrived the same day that I preached about my positive experiences with a break from running and wanting to continue a new routine of running less, huh?!

Well, I still intend to enter the drawing. I’ve spoken to Laura at length regarding the possibility of me being accepted for the marathon this year. Should it happen, she already knows that I want to train the best way possible ON THE LEAST AMOUNT OF MILES NECESSARY.

I trust her whole-heartedly to prepare me properly and she swears I can do the training fairly similar in weekly mileage to what I am used to running. So there. I will be prepared without running myself mentally and/or physically into the ground.

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Talk to me about your kitchen junk drawer. Is it messy? Organized? Do you not have one?

Are you entering the marathon drawing for this year?

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    Junk drawers are definitely supposed to be messy! I randomly go through mine to get rid of pens that don’t work since it drives me nuts to try to get a pen then find out there’s no ink. You’d think I would just throw it out but nope.
    I toyed with the idea of putting my name in for the NYC marathon. I still haven’t decided. Best of luck to you!

  2. says

    Haha I LOVE that you have a hallway closet and drawer that are the polar opposites of the rest of the clutter-free house. Reminds me of Monica Geller and her Secret Closet that Chandler eventually found 🙂
    I think you should be super proud of yourself for keeping the majority of the house neat, though, especially with a teenage boy in the house!
    Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off recently posted…How to Beat the BluesMy Profile

  3. says

    Yep, we have a junk drawer also! Our liquor cabinet has a pretty useless drawer that ended up being a junk drawer. It’s a mess with all sorts of random stuff like scissors and things I broke but want to fix.
    I’m excited for you! I hope you get into NYCM! If you are and I do a mid-October marathon, we can be marathon training buddies virtually. That solidarity makes a difference!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Changes I’m Making to Achieve My Running Goals in 2018My Profile

  4. says

    I was thinking about entering the marathon, but I’m not really sure I’m kind of scared to because I doubt my running abilities sometimes 🙁 but I wish you luck with entering! And yes my family has a junk drawer but its more organized, not completely though!