First Run of 2018 + Weekly Workout Recap



Oh, hi. Is it Sunday already? Geez.

So I ran yesterday (3 miles) which was my first run this year and first since dropping the shampoo bottle on my foot! It went really well but I will get into that more below.

I’m planning a more in-depth running post about my experience with not running these last two weeks so I’m keeping this shorter today, jumping right into the details from this week’s workouts.

winter weekly workout recap

Monday – 30 Min Elliptical

Tuesday – Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on arms) Workout

I listed this workout as my favorite fitness from the week in Friday’s post. I’ve always loved the Pure Results series from Pure Barre although I do not think I had ever tried the Pure Results Arms workout until today.

Pure Barre Pure Results Arms

Upper body workouts used to overwhelm me because my upper body is weaker than my lower body but I am getting so much better at it! It’s amazing what one can do with the lighter free weights in terms of building strength.

pure barre

Wednesday – 30 Min Elliptical

Thursday – 30 Min Elliptical/Free Weights In Gym

This was probably the first day in a while that I woke up with that feeling of wanting to run. I actually overslept a bit for me and still felt tired when I woke up. Even though I was tired, a part of me really felt like some cardio, especially in the form of running!

However, I didn’t want to run just yet so I opted for the elliptical. Following that, I played with the free weights in the gym. I was even able to use the 15 lb free weights after the 10 lb free weights which is another indicator that using light weights/no weights in Pure Barre still increases your strength!

gym day

Friday – Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on thighs) Workout

I used to do this Pure Results workout on a weekly basis. In case you are interested, I gave it a full review which you can read here – it’s still one of my top viewed posts each week!

Reviewing the Pure Barre Pure Results online workout with featured focus on thighs!

Saturday – 30 Min Elliptical/3 Miles!!

I ran today! First time in two weeks and first time in 2018!

So I warmed up on the elliptical, staying on longer than I planned because I ended up on the phone with Heather (while she was running in sunny Florida).

I then switched to the treadmill, figuring I was ready to run a few easy miles. As soon as I hopped on, I felt as though I never left! 3 miles in 28 minutes I think was better than I expected.

The best way to describe how I felt would be to relate this run to a recovery treadmill run the day after a long or harder run. I felt fine in my easy range yet most comfortable in the slower end of easy – when I bumped it up to the faster end of easy, it definitely felt faster than it normally would.

I do think I am good to go though from here! My recheck with the doctor is tomorrow, just to make sure the bruise healed the way we planned it to heal. From what I can see it did but hey, I am not a doctor. 🙂

Sunday – Rest

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Which do you prefer – lower body or upper body workouts? Do you find your upper body or lower body to be stronger?

Who else out there is doing barre workouts on a regular basis? Which do you do, Pure Barre or another class?


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  1. says

    I’m glad your first run went well! It’s always nerve wracking to get back to running after some time off for injury. I prefer lower body workouts and it shows because my arms are weak ha. This year I plan on evening if out a bit more though!

  2. says

    Thats awesome that your first run went well and that your foot is healing nicely! I definitely prefer working upper body because it is a lot weaker for me as well, but yet it always seems like when I go to the gym I work my core or legs…
    Have a great Sunday!