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I feel like yesterday’s post was longer and more in-depth than my usual workout recaps so now I’m sort of like, okay, what’s there to say today.

I’m trying really hard to not to be that person who complains and comments about the weather all the time. However, when it’s this oddly frigid for so many weeks already, the weather starts ruling life and conversation. You become accustomed to bundling up to make it from the car to your destination, if you go out at all. The good news is that it’s warming up finally this week! 20 degrees as a low this morning will now feel like summer!

Here are 5 weekend things that I would like to discuss other than the weather.   I would call them weekend highlights but I think things makes more sense as talking about warm socks sounds pretty pathetic as a weekend highlight.

1 – I bought these super soft and warm socks with hearts all over them at Target to wear around the house. Um, I now live in them. You can find me on the couch in these cozy socks either with a mug of tea or a handful of Hershey Kisses. Or both.

heart socks

2 – I finally got to Trader Joe’s on Saturday! It had been a good ten days since I was last there so we needed a total Trader Joe’s restock. Of course it was not ideal to food shop in the single digit weather but hey, you do what you got to do.

trader joe's

A few favorites to point out from my cart:

Oatmeal Honey Bar Soap – My favorite soap for a few years now!

Carrot Spirals – I just love how easy it is to heat these carrot spirals up. They are becoming a daily add-in right now to my lunches and dinners. I like the carrot spirals much more than the zucchini spirals.

Granny Smith apples – I was off my favorite apple for several months but I’m back!

Colorful Carrot Coins – Still enjoying these carrots from the frozen section!. Please try them.

Veggies & Greens Salad Mix – I’ve bought this crunchy salad mix twice now. It comes with a good ginger dressing plus pistachios and some sort of dried pear crumbles thing. I like the chopped up nature of the kale, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower.

3- We went to the Premier Diner for dinner Saturday night even though it hurt our faces just to walk from the car into the diner. Seriously, it was that bad outside.

I thought about ordering something different but then I still ended up with my usual order of a big greek salad.

greek salad

4 – Doesn’t everyone check their makeup in their car’s rear view mirror? Well you should. It’s natural lighting and the best way to see what your eye shadow looks like.


5 – Sunday Funday with really good onion rings and an Islanders afternoon game win. Thank goodness. Their recent play has been scaring me lately.

onion rings

My son was off from school Thursday and Friday due to the blizzard. Between the holiday break plus those two days off, we are both so out of routine! Hopefully this week starts to feel more normal again!

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Best thing you ate over the weekend?

Is it supposed to warm up by you this week? How cold has it been in your area?

Any recent favorites from Trader Joe’s?


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  1. says

    The best thing I ate over the weekend was a good old Pillsbury cinnamon roll .Not the most glamorous item ever but I was craving it and it was delicious. Have you tried the carrot spirals as a pasta substitute? I don’t like zucchini but I’ve been wanting to try a good pasta substitute, especially during this time of year when a big bowl of pasta sounds amazing but I can’t eat that every day.

    • says

      So I really wouldn’t classify the carrot spirals as a true past substitute. While I love them, I can’t relate them to pasta in terms of texture. However, if you replace the pasta in your bowl with the carrot spirals, they will fill you up in terms of volume eating and fill your bowl enough to feel satisfied. If you are looking for more of a pasta sub in terms of texture, I would try the black bean pasta (or lentil pasta/chick pea pasta).

  2. says

    Ha! This weekend was a last hurrah before cleaning up my diet a bit 😉 The best was a glass of zin and Trader Joe’s dark covered peanut butter cups!

    It’s been ridiculously warm in SoCal because of the Santa Ana winds. Unfortunately, we’ve also had insanely bad air quality, which the heat doesn’t help. It’s raining today (thank goodness!) so hopefully that’ll help!

  3. says

    I have been obsessed with warm socks this winter! I have a pair from Target and a few from Old Navy. Of course the weather is pretty much all there is to talk about lately!!

  4. says

    We’ve actually had a decently mild winter compared to what we normally get, but it’s supposed to get super cold again in a couple days… so yeah. I can definitely relate to faces hurting from being outside for more than a minute. Hope you’re staying warm!