My Week Without Running (workout recap)


This is the first week IN YEARS that went by without me running at least one time. I am finding this so very interesting for a few reasons.

First, and I know I have mentioned this all week, dropping that shampoo bottle on my foot really couldn’t come at a better time. Seriously. It’s literally the worst part of the winter. Aside from the blizzard this week, we’ve been waking up each day to negative wind chills and single digits. We haven’t seen temperatures even close to reaching the freezing mark in over two weeks. And a cold snap like this hasn’t happened in New York in over 50 years which means it’s the first in my lifetime!

Second, and this is a little scary in some ways, I haven’t really minded not running.

How someone like me who runs as often as she brushes her teeth doesn’t really mind not running suddenly, without warning, is strange.

Or maybe it isn’t. I could use the break I guess. It’s not that I don’t think about running, it’s just that I really don’t mind babying my right foot.

yogi tea

Maybe it’s because I know I didn’t really injure my foot too badly? Like it’s just some precaution to prevent the bruising from actually creating an injury that would keep me sidelined for a long time?

Maybe it’s because I love Pure Barre just as much as running and I’ve been able to continue my Pure Barre routine?

Or maybe it’s because my appetite instantly returned to human and not running and eating like a normal person has been nice?

I don’t know.

I’ve been so beyond lucky as a runner to never be sidelined by a true injury yet at the same time, I kind of know that I am not the type to completely freak if I can’t run.

This mindset of mine and ability to easily switch running off when necessary may be the same mindset I had when my son was born. I naturally slowed things down during my pregnancy and then automatically, without really thinking about it, dropped my exercise routine in favor of raising him those first few years, moving my body in other ways like keeping up with him and stroller walking more for his entertainment than mine until I felt like it was time to return to gym when he started preschool.

I really do okay with things like this. It surprises so many people but I can live without running for a bit, especially if it’s because a doctor says please be careful with your foot because you dropped a shampoo bottle on it and created a nice bruise.

It feels weird to not miss running more, to not be in a major hurry to return to the treadmill. A part of me knows that if it was beautiful outside, I would want to run yet a part of me really wonders if maybe going forward I will drop my mileage and run less than I was because not running hasn’t been the worst thing ever. Of course we will laugh when I am back up to running 40 miles a week like nothing but I need to put how I am feeling out there so you can see that even people like me can handle time off and not really mind.

And like my dad said, this is great for my running shoes! I’ve extended their life by not using them for a bit. 🙂

Okay so that was way longer than I expected but I had a lot on my mind to share! Here’s what my week without running looked like…

winter weekly workout recap

Monday – Rest Day

It was New Year’s Day and doing NOTHING was super fun. I shared Monday’s Meals in this post if you missed it.

Tuesday – 35 Min Elliptical/10 Min Pure Barre

I figured I could do the elliptical machine easy since my foot doesn’t actually hurt and then I chose a 10 minute Pure Barre workout for arms.

Wednesday – 30 Minutes Elliptical

I went to the doctor today and he told me to avoid the elliptical too, even though it’s less impact than running. Oops! I didn’t realize but I will listen now that I know! He did say that I can continue with Pure Barre so I will do that.

Thursday – 45 Minutes Pure Barre

With a blizzard out my window, it was nice to not leave the house and take advantage of the longer Pure Barre workouts. It wasn’t even too hard to modify the positioning for my foot! The hardest part was remembering not to go on my toes because my foot doesn’t hurt at all. I just don’t want to forget and injure it.

Friday – 50 Minutes Pure Barre

This is a Pure Barre workout I don’t think I have ever done and I really liked it. It followed the usual class structure, just with an extra focus on the core. Core work always gets my heart rate up! It’s much harder for me than lower body work for sure.

pure barre sculpted abs

Saturday – Pure Barre Pure Results

A week since I dropped the dumb shampoo bottle on my foot and I woke up to see the bruise looking so much better!

I chose the Pure Barre Pure Results (focus on seat) workout.  It’s been a long time since I did this hour long workout so it was really nice to bring it back.

pure barre pure results

This Pure Barre Pure Results workout review is still one of my top viewed posts on a daily basis! I love that this workout is now available through Pure Barre On Demand – I used to subscribe to it separately before On Demand was a thing.

Sunday – Rest

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How cold is it by you? Have you been able to run outside or mostly indoors?

Are you good about not running when you aren’t able to run?


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  1. says

    It definitely worked out that this was the week you aren’t running! I sort of gave up on running outside after Wednesday…by then I had enough of the cold and it just got worse since then. I started to feel like my cold was coming back so I’m waiting for it to warm up or until my treadmill comes on Tuesday. Maybe I’ll run tomorrow but not sure since it will have to be so early and will likely still be cold.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…5 Strategies for Achieving Your Running Goals this YearMy Profile

    • says

      I dont know how anyone has been running in this frigid weather outside! I certainly would be indoors on the treadmill. I think we are finally getting a warm up this week so hopefully the snow melts and people can get back outside. I’m so excited you are getting your treadmill!

  2. says

    I did yoga every morning last week as usual and walking the seven short blocks to the studio was frigid at eight every morning. I usually run 7-10 miles five days per week, but this week was not for running with the cold and ice. I went to the gym and changed it up a few days and a few were snow holidays for me spent going around the city enjoying NO holiday crowds. Hope your foot is almosted healed!

    • says

      My car thermometer said zero degrees this morning! I’ve had enough – so glad it’s supposed to warm up this week! And thank you, I like to think my foot is better (it never hurt so I judge by looking at it! lol)

  3. says

    New Jersey is just as cold as New York right now and it sucks! The blizzard really messed with my running (i.e I didn’t run at all) but then when I ran today I felt so good. Sometimes the unexpected breaks are just what our bodies need.
    It’s supposed to warm up this week! Maybe the week off was so your foot could kill this weeks runs.