My Recent GYNO Experience With My Weight & The Scale


Just a quick foot update! I went to the foot doctor yesterday (because I dropped a shampoo bottle on the top of my foot which I mentioned in my post yesterday) and it’s not broken! He took X-Rays and everything looks good but he said I did the right thing not running on it. As I thought, the top of the foot is super sensitive and thin-skinned and running on it while bruised could cause a stress fracture. So, he said not to run for another 5 days just to allow the bruise to heal. NO PROBLEM. Especially this time of year with frigid weather and a blizzard, rest couldn’t have happened at a better time. 🙂

thinking out loud

It’s that time of year again where I click passed almost every social media post and recipe collection trying to reset my life through my eating and exercise habits.

I’m sure there’s a proper audience for all of that but I am not it, thanks very much though. I do just fine eating how I eat throughout the year even if it means the last several weeks involved more cake and dining out than others. It happens, it’s life, it’s balance, and it’s fine.


I need to tell you about my experience at a recent gynecologist routine check up appointment. It was a new doctor’s office and I went into the appointment pretty sure that I didn’t plan on looking at the scale.

Remember recently that I thought about stepping on the scale? I got over that real quick. 

When the nurse person was asking me a bunch of questions before meeting with the doctor, she asked me my weight after asking me my height.

My response was, I do not know what I weigh because I haven’t looked at the scale in a few years. So, if you are going to weigh me, this is the point where I tell you that I will be going on backwards because I don’t need to know my weight. I’ve had amenorrhea twice in the past from not weighing enough for my body and I don’t like to focus or think about these things so that I continue to stay in a really good place and healthy.

Her response? That’s not a problem. I don’t need to weigh you. I can estimate what you weigh. I’m sure you are in the XXX range, not more than XXX.

Excuse me? Did you just guess my weight by looking at me covered in this pink paper poor excuse for a gown? How can you even come up with a number by looking at me covered in paper, not to mention, why guess a number, especially when I just said I don’t talk numbers? And really, you think I can’t be more than XXX? You think I even weigh that much?

What doctor’s office guesses a new patient’s weight?

While I was laughing a little bit, I was really annoyed. I asked her all of the above questions in my high pitch voice. My high pitch voice comes out when I am shocked and annoyed yet still trying to be mature and polite. She didn’t see the issue which made it even worse!

I realize I sounded ridiculous but this could have been really bad if I took situations like this more seriously than I actually do. I certainly went on with my day but complained about what happened to everyone close to me.

At least I was able to complain about it while enjoying this dessert.

molten lava cake

Remember I mentioned this cute little molten lava cake last week? I needed it right after that appointment!

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Have you ever had a doctor guess your weight rather than have you get on the scale? 

Are you in the path of the big blizzard today?


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  1. says

    Thats so weird! But I kind of think that the height/weight thing is to just make sure you are in a healthy range, so many since she could tell you are in a healthy range the actual numbers don’t matter as much? I mean, it would be kind of important to be able to compare if you go back next year looking a lot different. Still, so strange. I’m glad your foot is ok and this is definitely a good week to not be running!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Should You Run When You’re Sick?My Profile

    • Lauren says

      I agree with Lisa above! I think the idea is just to make sure you’re within a healthy range with the exact number not being very important, and that she was able to tell you were in the range by looking at you. But also agree that it’s a little odd since being a new patient they don’t have any records!
      I went to the gyno the other month and a similar thing happened- I was all ready to get on the scale and turn around, but instead the nurse asked me what I weighed. I said I don’t weigh myself but maybe X (total guess) and she just wrote it down and moved on.

    • says

      so weird! they usually need some sort of accurate number for their records for things like medications and things like that should I ever need. not to mention, I just said I dont look or discuss numbers so the whole convo was just so odd!

  2. says

    I get that high pitch voice also when you have p*$$ed me off with complete ignorance! I get this every year. I don’t own a scale or weigh myself ever. I am very thin, and people constantly ask me what do you eat? What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, do you snack? Have you always had that figure and been that size? I love the one you are so lucky? And the constant one how much do you weigh? Complete strangers ask me while shopping in stores, we go out on business and people always make a commment how I eat a regular dinner and dessert—why are you watching me. I couldn’t careless what anyone else does, I do me. You are a pro that you bit your tongue with the nurse, but the story is laughable and she is quite useless as a professional in the healthcare profession. Glad your foot is fine. Have a great day.

  3. says

    Whoa! That’s strange. My doctor has always weighed me – it is hard to guess weight, especially since muscle can make you weight more than you look. I’ve weighted +/- 10 pounds in the same clothing size based on muscle. I know weight is everything, but I would think a doctor would want a more precise number than a range. Plus, what is someone isn’t being honest? That’s just so odd.
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Friday ThriveMy Profile

  4. says

    Thats ridiculous that something like that would happen at a doctors office! I’m glad that you were able to handle the situation in that manner, I don’t think I would’ve been able to.
    Samantha recently posted…January IntentionsMy Profile