The Winter Struggle Is So Real! (workout recap)


Jumping right in to my workouts from the week. The winter struggle is so real but I am powering my way through it!

Monday – 3.15 miles/Strength

For the first time ever, the Pure Barre On Demand site would not load when I wanted to pick a workout. I kept getting a blank screen!

My run was intentionally cut short because I just wasn’t feeling it. I came home for a Pure Barre workout but then couldn’t log in to the website! I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS. I spent a few precious minutes trying to load the screen and finally gave up. I ended up doing a quick strength workout on my own while watching the news but I was pretty disappointed. Of course I still have my Pure Barre DVD’s but by the time I would have turned that on, I would have lost even more time. Every minute counts in the morning and I literally only had a 30 minute window to work with which I cut into while trying to load Pure Barre On Demand. Oh well. Better not happen again!

Tuesday – 20 Min Elliptical/5 Miles

I followed my own advice from my running motivation post today by cross-training my warm up. 20 minutes on the elliptical before it was light enough outside for me to run. Once the sun was up, I left the gym in my community and ran 5 miles. The elliptical really helped me to get warmed up and ready to run so once outside, I was happy and ready to go.

In case you missing my running motivation tips for making it through the warm up that I shared today, here’s the link again!

running motivation make it through the warm up

Wednesday – 30 Minute Pure Barre/ 4 Miles (speed workout)

I mentioned today’s workout in Friday’s Favorites post. First, I chose a 30 minute Pure Barre workout and luckily, Pure Barre On Demand loaded for me this morning!

While this 30 minute upper body intensive still followed the typical Pure Barre class routine, it focused more on upper body and used light weights for most of the workouts. It felt like a full body workout the entire time because you are working your upper body even during the lower body and core sections.

pure barre on demand

Then I went outside and tried Laura’s 30 minute fartlek run and loved it! I ended up cooling down for a full mile for a total of 4 miles.

Thursday – 7 Miles

I think my splits are just so indicative of my mood throughout this run. In my head, I wanted to run 7 miles. Also, in my head, I wanted to go home. The winter struggle is so totally real.

7 miles

I bounced between bursts of speed and slowing down in moments of disinterest back to bursts of speed. Of course I can run 7 miles no problem but my mood in the winter really tries to fight it.

Friday – 20 Min Pure Barre/5 Miles

The real winter struggle is getting the pajamas off and workout clothes on. Then the battle is turning on Pure Barre and making it through a minute before I’m like hey, I’m into this!

When it’s light enough outside to run, the next battle becomes the warm up and then making it 3 miles. Once I hit that point, I’m usually totally fine.

Saturday – 11 Miles (treadmill!)

I knew it was going to be a cold rain when I woke up so I already planned to run indoors on the treadmill. Thankfully, my new pairs of running shoes arrived yesterday! I had been on borrowed time with both my Adidas Energy Boosts and alternate running shoes, Saucony Rides.

Adidas Energy Boosts

I took out the Boosts for today’s treadmill run and my feet (and mood) were both really happy. It’s amazing what new running shoes can do for motivation! Two sets of 5 miles each plus a one mile cool down. Also, I’ve become really good at running inclines. It’s becoming second nature to play with the incline, ranging between 2.0 – 5.0 through my treadmill workouts. Maybe this winter I will come up with an incline workout to share. 

Sunday – Pure Barre

Merry Christmas again to those who celebrate! 🙂

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If you celebrate Christmas, what are your holiday plans? Are you cooking anything good?

How is your running motivation right now?

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    I feel like my motivation has been all over the place too- and its definitely related to the weather and if I can run in the daylight! Today I am in the mood to run and its in the high 30s but I just need it to start getting light out. It will be interesting when I am in Michigan and running indoors on the treadmill- not sure if that will affect my motivation! But theres no way Im running outside there when its always icy and the temps are supposed to be in the single digits.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…5 Ways for Runners to Handle Winter WeatherMy Profile