Friday Favorites! 12.22.17


I decided to try a new Friday Favorites format for today! I picked my favorite fitness, favorite food, favorite fashion, and favorite find from the week. While I don’t know that this is how I will always round-up my Friday Favorites, it was a fun way to think about things for this last week before winter break!

Friday Favorites

Favorite Fitness:

Wednesday’s workout may have been my favorite so far this week. I started with a 30 minute Pure Barre On Demand workout and then headed outside to run one of Laura’s 30 minute workouts.

pure barre on demand

This particular Pure Barre workout was an upper body intensive. While it still followed the typical Pure Barre class format, it did make use of free weights for extra upper body work throughout the workout and skipped the typical seat section. I call it more of a full body workout though because the extra upper body work really worked the entire body in the process!

Favorite Food:

I had a MAJOR hungry day yesterday out of nowhere. It seems like I never talk about hungry days anymore because honestly, they don’t really happen to me at all like they used to — until yesterday. I just had that hungry day feeling of not feeling full no matter what I ate. When I went to Trader Joe’s, I grabbed this chunky guacamole dip because it seemed like the perfect food for making things better.

chunky guacamole

I just kept dipping baby carrots and green beans into the chunky guacamole dip all afternoon while working until I felt my normal level of full. It worked! 🙂

Favorite Fashion:

Splendid has always been one of my most favorite clothing brands. It may be a little pricey but the styles, durability and classy nature of their clothing always makes it worth it. I bought this Splendid Cardigan – Hooded Drapey Front Thermal recently and I live in it! It comes in a camouflage green color too and I sort of think I may need it. I also picked up two of these Splendid ribbed tanks and would love more if they came in more colors. They wash well, hold their shape and just look nicer than other brands.

Favorite Find:

So this wasn’t exactly my find, it was my dad’s find for me. We all know I still have a soft spot in my heart for Barbie AND Hello Kitty. He found a combination of the two for me for Hanukkah.

This special Hello Kitty Barbie sits in my china cabinet (in the box! can’t take her out of the box!) now on display. 🙂

hello kitty barbie

Friday Flashback:

My son and I tend to spend every other Christmas week vacation in Disney. While we won’t be there this year and don’t celebrate Christmas, we do appreciate their holiday decor and festive fun they have this time of year.

christmas tree

Wishing all of my reader friends who celebrate a very Merry Christmas!

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Are you traveling for the holiday?

How often do you experience hungry days?



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  1. says

    I have always lived in Splendid on the daily!! Originally, I bought it at Bloomies for sooooo many years because they had a big selection. Now it’s around and btw, I gave that hoodie too lol. And the Hello Kitty is a definite memory jogger. Wow, your dad is awesome! Have a great weekend.

  2. says

    We aren’t traveling for Christmas per se; however, we are taking the kids to Universal Studios Hollywood tonight to finish out our season passes! Hopefully traffic isn’t gnarly!

    I’ve noticed that since I’ve cut back on running big time (recovery after a marathon) I am not nearly as hungry, which is actually kind of nice, ha!
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