Running & Pure Barre Workout Recap (12.11.17 – 12.17.17)


A few things to note before getting to my workouts from the week!

Winter has arrived.

All of a sudden, we have had three snowfalls in one week. While the storms were not monumental, they were cold, icy and annoying for an outdoor runner. So far I am not overly bothered with adjusting my workout routine but I pray for a less snowy, more mild winter!


Grateful For Later Run Time.

I need to say again how so beyond grateful I am for my son’s school schedule this year. Since he starts school earlier than in the past, I get to run LATER. It may not be the best for him since he has to be up and out earlier, but it’s the best for me. My workouts take place an hour later than they were and I can’t begin to express the gratitude I have for this situation. I think by the end of the last school year, I was reaching burn out on that earlier morning workout schedule. Every morning I am seriously so happy about my later run time and flexibility with not having to rush out the door.

Scaled Back Workouts.

So this week was a slightly scaled back workout week. I felt good to go on Monday but then some light soreness and fatigue set in which is not like me. It’s possible that I was tired from our weekend in Boston and it’s also possible that the winter season just left my muscles cold and tired. I scaled things back as soon as I started to notice that I wasn’t feeling my usual workout self and thankfully felt back to normal by Saturday morning.

To the average eye, it doesn’t look like I scaled back my workouts but if you follow me close enough, you can see that I ran fewer miles, skipped two runs in a row and lightened up my Pure Barre/running combo days.

Monday – 30 Min Pure Barre/5 Miles

With the sun rising later and later, I find myself choosing a Pure Barre workout before heading outside. A 30 minute Pure Barre workout today was perfect because once I was finished, the sun was fully up and shining!

I ran really carefully around ice patches and possible black ice. The air felt nice though so I stayed out there for 5 miles.

Tuesday – Quick Yoga/5 Miles

I felt like I needed some yoga before heading outside to run. 5 miles which was surprising because I sort of went outside thinking I was barely in the mood to run 3 miles!

Wednesday – 5 Miles (treadmill)

It was super freezing and windy outside so I knew I would running inside on the treadmill.


I ended up running my easy run on the treadmill workout BUT I added in rolling hills throughout the mileage which turned out to be a great idea.

I ranged from 1.5 to 5.0 for the inclines while playing with the speed according to the easy run workout plan.

Thursday – 50 Minute Pure Barre

It was snowing when I woke up and the ground was covered which took away my mood for walking over to my gym. Sometimes I am really good about putting on my boots to walk to my gym (it’s like barely .10 of a mile from my front door) and sometimes I’m really okay with staying home for a longer Pure Barre workout instead.

I wasn’t in the mood for cardio anyway.

Have I mentioned how much I love having so many Pure Barre options from home?

pure barre on demand

Friday – 45 Min Elliptical

Um, I was shocked to see the low. temperatures this morning while on the elliptical! Between the temperature and leftover ice/snow on the ground from yesterday, no way was I running outside!


I chose the elliptical for today as the treadmill didn’t sound too appealing to me.  A part of me also knew that I would be running long indoors tomorrow so wearing out my welcome with the treadmill today was not smart.

Saturday – 10 Miles (treadmill)

Last night’s snowfall meant treadmill for me this morning. I knew this was a strong possibility so I was mentally ready and luckily, physically ready too!

Back to the wearing of the boots to walk over to the gym routine.


I broke my treadmill run up into two sets of 5 miles each and the whole thing just flew by.

Sunday – Pure Barre

Probably just a 30 minute Pure Barre workout for today!

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How is the weather by you? Is it affecting your workouts?

Who else ran long on the treadmill recently?


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