First Night Of Hanukkah + Lots Of Latkes


Hanukkah was always my most favorite holiday as a kid. Of course it was, it meant eight nights of presents! Ahhhh. Just the smell of a burning candle at any point in the year would make me think of lighting the menorah and then waiting patiently to receive my present of the night.

I can’t forget my fond memories of Barbie dolls and toys that would appear on Hanukkah or going to school the next day wearing my new outfit that I received the night before.

These days though, the holiday is more about my son. Every year I take out “his” menorah (we have a few) along with the preschool Hanukkah decorations he made like 10 years ago and get them all set up.


Hanukkah isn’t on a set calendar day every year, it changes with the Hebrew Calendar but usually falls some time in December. A few years ago though, Hanukkah fell on Thanksgiving! I remember my aunt had the Thanksgiving table also decorated for Hanukkah!

hanukkah table

Last night we went over to my parents for the first night of Hanukkah.

Hanukkah presents

Before getting to the presents, we had dinner which was focused around the potato latkes. Potato latkes are potato pancakes and I enjoy them best with applesauce.

We had both regular potato latkes and sweet potato latkes, including a few jumbo latkes that are not pictured.


Nope, I did not make the latkes from scratch. There was a time in my life when I did, just like when I created this recipe for sweet potato latkes (grain free and paleo, mind you) but cooking is not my interest right now. Instead, I dashed out the door early enough in the day to beat the crowds at ShopRite to ensure we had enough latkes to go around. 🙂

Recently I told you how excited I was to see the Thanksgiving Day parade co-host wearing the Rebecca Minkoff fringed muffler scarf and ruffled gloves on my Hanukkah list. How happy I was to receive both last night!

rebecca minkoff scarf and gloves

The weather is in the 20’s today so the timing was perfect. The scarf wraps around several times which is perfect for keeping my neck and upper body warm and toasty.

And this other unexpected gift has a really funny story. My parents read my blog on the daily so when they saw I mentioned the Henri Bendel Influencer Tote as a new bag that I had my eye on and couldn’t stop thinking about, they ordered me one for Hanukkah even though I hadn’t mentioned it to them directly. I was so surprised, not to mention beyond excited. I felt like a kid again playing with my toys when I started playing with this tote last night!

Henri bandel influencer tote

I really needed some sort of new bag that would comfortably fit my laptop plus my other essentials for when I work from somewhere else or have to be in the city for meetings. It’s so light-weight and pretty with options to snap in other accessories that coordinate with this tote such as a wallet or makeup case to keep you super organized. I also like that it has the option for the crossbody strap! I’m thinking this tote is also perfect as a carry on when traveling. To say I am obsessed and thankful is an understatement. It was really nice to receive these gifts especially as I was just saying the other day that I know I’m adult when Hanukkah comes around and I’m like, I really don’t need anything, just pay one of my bills. HA. Who else thinks like that?

On a side note, I finally dropped off my Toys For Tots in the toy bin at the mall yesterday. I was driving around with them in my trunk for a few weeks! While in the mall, I picked up this makeup case (which holds all of your makeup brushes too) for my mom for Hanukkah which you may have spotted on my Instagram story yesterday. Nothing like last-minute shopping!

Since it’s so super cold out today, I expect to be running on the treadmill this morning. Tis the season I suppose!

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Who else is a last minute shopper?

Do you celebrate Hanukkah? If so, do you make your own latkes?


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    The muffler scarf and ruffled gloves are chic/trendy/girly–love, love, love them. The tote bag is really nice–like a grown up version when you get your first Louis Vuitton in high school–candy for the grown up child. Happy Hanukkah to you and your family❤️

    • says

      HA – I am going to take the Louis Vuitton comment a step further and say this was like receiving my first il bisonte bag and Carlos Falchi wallet in middle school! lol – I forgot all about those must-have 1990 brands so I just looked them up and they are still around (and quite pricey still lol). Happy Hanukkah to you as well!

  2. says

    That bag looks perfect! Right now my work bag is from Target and its a little small…Im also worry the straps will rip off one of these days because I pack it so heavy. I could probably use a new/better one!
    Happy Hanukkah!
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