Lighter Week in Workouts (11.27.17 – 12.3.17)


This week was a much lighter week in workouts than usual. Between Monday’s run when I was low on energy followed by fighting off a cold for a few days out of nowhere, running and Pure Barre were kept to a minimum.

Although I am not the type of person who is susceptible to cold viruses, I did feel one lurking behind the scenes which left me not feeling like myself. Thankfully it never got too bad and barely had me reaching for tissues. I never had a fever and didn’t need to stay in bed. When I get my version of a cold every several years, I still try to move myself in the morning as light exercise does help me to feel a little better and get out from under that fog of a cold.

It also helps me to wake up a bit and keep with routine which in turn assists me in getting my work done! Otherwise, I feel even more lethargic and distracted which isn’t good when it’s not the weekend!

Only you can decide if you feel well enough to run easy when you have a cold. As they say, if symptoms are above chest without a fever, it should be okay to run but if they are below, you should stay home. I can typically tell when I am okay for an easy run because if I am truly sick, have a stomach virus or a fever, running doesn’t even cross my mind!

workout recap running pure barre

Monday – 30 min running/30 min Pure Barre

I talked about this run in Wednesday’s post. I had zero energy once I started running. Zero. It was such a weird feeling that I started thinking back to what I ate on Sunday  for a possibly connection. I ran 30 minutes (somewhere over 3 miles) and headed home for a 30 minute Pure Barre workout.

Tuesday – 5 Miles

When I woke up in the morning, out of nowhere, my throat was bothering me for the first time in years. I totally thought back to my run yesterday, which I blamed my low energy on lower carbs the day before and wondered if the onset of a cold was also now a factor!

I ran outside for 5 easy miles and still felt much better energy wise than yesterday so who really knows!

Wednesday – 3 Miles

Just an easy 30 minutes outside. Still not feeling great although a full cold still has yet to appear. I skipped Pure Barre in an effort to keep things light since I do not feel myself.

Thursday – 30 Min Elliptical/15 Min Strength (gym day)

I chose the elliptical for today thinking that being inside rather than breathing cooler air would be a smart choice.

I had the gym to myself – where was everyone? 30 minutes on the elliptical felt good followed by upper body strength work with free weights plus squats and lunges.


Friday – 5 Miles

First run of the week where I feel like myself! Any time an easy run gradually gets faster before cooling down, I know I feel well.

5 miles

Saturday – 10 miles

It felt super good to be up for running 10 miles with lots of energy. I chose to run a version of my favorite negative split workout for the first time in a while! Average pace: 8:53 which once again showed me that I am feeling better. 🙂

10 miles

Sunday – Pure Barre

I am excited to get a longer Pure Barre workout in this morning before taking my son to his hockey game. I’ll probably pick a 45 minute workout from the Pure Barre On Demand menu.

pure barre

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How was your week in workouts? Did you run more/less than usual?

How often do you come down with a cold? Do you run when you have one?

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    I hope you’re feeling better! I hate colds. If I have one, I just run by feel most days. My motto with working out when sick is if it’s neck or above then I’m good to go but below the neck then I’m staying home.