Pinterest Hacked + Ugg Slippers As Shoes (tol)


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My week did not start out on the best note aside from the lack of energy I experienced while running from eating too little carbs.

I woke up early Monday morning to learn my Pinterest account had been hacked! While Pinterest isn’t a HUGE deal and it wasn’t my blog or my bank account, I still freaked.

I don’t like to think that someone somehow got into one of my accounts or somehow figured out a password. I also hate that the hack sent out a spam message to all of my followers.

The worst part might be dealing with Pinterest if you have a legit issue. You can’t reach a real person, there’s no live chat or direct support line. I emailed them a good five times and it took about two full days until I received an automated message regarding a password reset. Um hello, I had already reset my password.

No one acknowledged the actual hack or issue, no one apologized. In fact, I now had to reset my password again to supposedly get my Pinterest account out of “safe mode” although it won’t let me out. My account is frozen.

Frankly, I think it’s disgusting if you have a question or concern or need to report something serious (like a hack!) to Pinterest and they are not there to help you.

In this technologically advanced world, websites and apps need to be reachable. Live chat is a must as is responding to emails as if you understand what your user is saying.  Automated messages are not acceptable when there’s a real issue.

Anyway, I apologize if you received a spam message from me on Pinterest. I didn’t send it.

In other news, I completely forget that I owned these Ugg slippers that I used to wear outside as shoes this time of year. They do have a regular bottom and are water-resistant which tells me I’m not the only one to wear these “moccasins” outside! It’s been warmer here this week so these have been my shoes of choice. I really love them.

uggs slippers

I was reminded that I had these Ugg slippers in my closet when I saw the newer slippers in the stores. You know I would have bought the studded version if I didn’t already have a pair!  🙂

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Have you ever experienced problems with your Pinterest account? Did Pinterest  respond to your questions or did you have trouble receiving actual support from them?

Do you wear slippers around the house? Ever wear them outside?



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  1. says

    I agree with you that there should be a more updated way that Pinterest should’ve handled your problem. But at least now you’re in the lead 🙂 But I’m one of those people too that wears slippers both indoors and outdoors!

    • taco says

      you didn’t get hacked. Pinterest got hacked. Pinterest always says “your”, when it means “our”. It is basically a bot. It does not know how or for what reason it respond to users. They are only dangerous to poor password behavior folks, in that they are a soft spot for the integrity of people that use the same password across multiple accounts.

  2. says

    I agree with you, websites need to have live chat to assist you. Not saying someone has to be it 24/7 but normal business hours wouldn’t kill a company!

    I love slipped but haven’t bought a new pair since I threw mine out in the spring. This reminds me that I should probably buy new ones ha.

    • says

      most sites today do have the live chat window but I guess pinterest, as a social media platform, doesn’t feel they need it? I don’t know. I don’t appreciate their lack of support!