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Last week I was trying to decide if I should highlight a full day of meals OR a variety of recent meals in Wednesday posts. Based on the comments and my opinion thrown in too, I have a feeling I will continue to rotate between the two ideas, depending upon the week. How does that sound?

This week I have a whole bunch of recent lunches and dinners to discuss!

I hadn’t had a Subway veggie sandwich in a while so this really hit the spot. It’s all about the extra pickles and honey mustard!

subway veggie sandwich

My son is always pushing for Moe’s or Chipotle for dinner during the week even though he knows I am cooking. It’s a daily battle that I forget to talk about, probably because I try really hard to tune it out. On occasion, he succeeds and we end up at one of the restaurants. Often I just get something for him but sometimes I get myself a vegetarian salad too.

I think I prefer Chipotle over Moe’s even though I order the same salad loaded with all the vegetarian toppings at both places.

Although, Moe’s has the salsa bar and Chipotle doesn’t so there’s one plus on the Moe’s side of things.


How yummy do the toppings for these vegetable fajitas look?! I told you recently that vegetable fajitas are my most favorite Mexican restaurant order and this plate did not disappoint.

veggie fajitas

Here’s a Maoz salad while at the mall. Their roasted broccoli is the best.

maoz salad

I made this big salad for lunch the other day. It included the roasted cauliflower I bought at Stew Leonard’s (which I mentioned in Monday’s post)  so it had a lot of extra flavor tossed in. I really liked it!


I thought to buy red peppers and onion the other day at the grocery store in order to make a version of  this recipe for vegan sloppy joe’s that Laura and I enjoyed during our recipe challenge last year. It’s not like I actually looked at the recipe again though, I just combined what I thought I remembered it involved and then added it to a bowl with roasted sweet potatoes and parmesan cheese.

vegan sloppy joes

And then there was my pizza bagel craving which I woke up with the other morning, knowing I wanted it for dinner. I bought whole wheat bagels which crisp really nicely when making a pizza bagel.

pizza bagel

After the pizza bagel craving though, I realized I should buy my favorite Food For Life Ezekiel Sandwich buns again. I love to eat them opened-faced with melted mozzarella and tomato. This is now the meal craving of the week, for lunch or dinner. It’s a nice twist actually on the pizza bagel!

mozzarella and tomato

I plan to pop in tomorrow for a quick Thanksgiving post but just in case I don’t and/or just in case you are traveling, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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What are you doing for Thanksgiving? Are you cooking anything? Please tell me what you are making!


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  1. says

    The veggie fajita plate looks huge and delicious!

    For Thanksgiving dinner, I’m bringing chocolate truffles. I’ve never made them before so I hope they taste okay. I figure if they don’t I can quickly whip up cookies tomorrow after my Turkey Trot…right?!

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving 🙂