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Um, did you happen to catch on Instagram what Max Brenner has going on at the Holiday Shops in Bryant Park ?!

This is a must-have cookie. I just MUST have this chocolate chip cookie sandwich with ganache in the center!

max brenner

I know I will be in the city more often in the coming weeks for holiday parties. With this fact in mind, I will definitely be making a pit stop in Bryant Park for this must-have cookie  and will report back to you!

In other news, are you watching this season of the Kardashians? Am I the only one?

I giggled my evil giggle during Sunday night’s episode when Scott got bent out of shape for not being invited to family events. HELLO, you and Kourtney are pretty much no longer. While you weren’t married, we all considered you married so now you are considered divorced.

It sucks, I get it. I’ve been there. It was me back in the day who suddenly wasn’t allowed to be invited to the held-very-often family events. My son was, but I wasn’t.

At first actually, it was ME who was invited to that side of the family’s functions with my son in place of my ex-husband. Then, over time, the reality of everything hit and everyone realized it was time to accept that I could no longer be the person invited.

It was hard, but this is what happens.

As close as you can be (and trust me, we were all so very close), you aren’t the family member anymore and at some point, you become left out.

You get used to it and sadly, you probably, very gradually, stop talking over the years anyway even though your kids are still part of their family. It’s really for the best sometimes. If you stay too close, it can be hard to move on (uh huh) and if there’s a messy divorce involved (UH HUH), talking to the other side and trying to remain buddy buddy is not always the best idea during this time period.

I know these things.

My guess is that Scott will still talk to the sisters because of the kids and for his   role in their show but things will change. Unless, of course, he learns to stop drinking so much, play nice (not likely) and then can attend things in conjunction with Kourtney and whoever enters her life to replace him (again, not likely).

That will never be the case in my family either though. HA. NO WAY. I tried that with the Bar Mitzvah and trust me, NEVER AGAIN.

But in other divorced families, you hear these kinds of happy little stories where everyone new to the family and old to the family can play nice and live happily ever after. Insert my little evil giggle here too because I can’t help but try to picture my own situation in this so-called play nice environment of  HI HOW ARE YOU?! SO GLAD TO SEE YOU. Ha. Please. Spare me.


This sounds like a good time for a #TBT to that time I made my son come with me on a “field trip” to check out the DASH Pop Up Shop in the Hamptons. Whatever, I promised him a good lunch in the Hamptons while we were there.  


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Do you have a favorite food partner? Who do you enjoy to eat with the most?



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    What you wrote about the divorce thoughts is so familiar to me because my mom would so often say similar things. Like how weird it is that she’s no longer invited to all these yearly giant family functions, but she also doesn’t even want to be, but it’s just strange to have her daughter go. Eventually I myself just found all those family politics a bit burdensome and stopped attending many of the functions myself, but yes, it’s definitely just an uncomfortable situation. It sounds like you have a whole lot of grace when dealing with it all though!
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