Random Things + Favorite Socks + Holiday Sugar Cookies


First of all, I feel as though it was just Friday.


Last week felt long and now the weekend is somewhat of a blur. My son was home sick Monday and Tuesday last week with a sore throat and then he was off on Friday. It was a short week for him but still felt like a long week for me, yet the weekend flies on by. Why does that always happen?

Anyway, just a few random things to note (in no particular order as you will see) from the last few days!

I realized it had been FOREVER since I was last at The Cheesecake Factory. Normally I find myself there at least twice a month but I don’t think I had been there in over two months.

My salad missed me.

Cheesecake Factory salad

And Linda’s Fudge cake did too. Although, if I’m being completely honest with us right now, I didn’t love it. Like, of course it was delicious because its chocolate fudge cake but it didn’t hit it’s usual fudge cake spot for me. I can’t even explain why, it just didn’t.

lindas fudge cake

You know how I hate taking in the mail? Well, that hasn’t changed. I still hate the mail. However, I need to stop hating on the mail because this time of year is feeling all sorts of old school with the awesome holiday season catalogues! I had my reading material for the weekend. 🙂

Um hello cute glittery shoes from J. Crew. And yes, there’s my Henri Bendel catalogue waiting in the wings.

Take a look at these suede sandals with glitter heels! Between the bow at the front and the glitter, I really love them. These J.Crew heels sort of remind me of the Kate Spade Charm heels  (< – now on saleI wore to the Bar Mitzvah. Although, they look like more of a copy of a pair of Chanel heels that I saw recently at Saks.


As mentioned in yesterday’s workout recap, I really wanted to run but knew a rest day from running was in order. My mileage had crept back up to 40+ and although I didn’t feel it, throwing in an extra run would probably make me fatigued in the days to come this week.

Instead I went with a 45 minute Pure Barre workout. It was a really good one too. Have I mentioned how much I always love being able to do these Pure Barre workouts from home? Especially once it’s cold out, you don’t have to worry about bundling up to leave the house in the morning!

pure barre

Backing up to Friday’s post, I was asked what type of socks I wear with sneakers. While I did order the glitter socks I mentioned in Friday’s post, I also bought this 3-pack of multi-print ankle socks from the Gap. I LOVE Gap socks. In fact, my favorite socks for running are the Gap Athletic socks. I doubt you recall but a while back (like a year or even two years ago), I even tried lululemon running socks and returned them. They were awful and uncomfortable as compared to my Gap socks. More expensive IS NOT always better.

And my weekend closed out last night with making these festive snowman holiday sugar cookies.

snowman sugar cookies

My son sent me to Target for hair gel (of course he realized he ran out when I was ready to put my pajamas on) and then calls me while I was there to guilt me into getting holiday sugar cookies to bake. All of his friends (or so he claims) were baking holiday sugar cookies already (already?) and showing them on SnapChat and he felt left out.

Fine. If baking holiday sugar cookies is the peer pressure he feels most, that is TOTALLY fine with me. Besides, it was kind of cute to see his excitement over which holiday sugar cookie character I picked. As if he’s still a little kid, you know?!

snowman sugar cookies

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Which socks are your favorite socks?

Do you like sugar cookies?

Best thing you ate over the weekend?




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  1. says

    Okay the the glitter heel open toed strapped heels are ultra glam! I absolutely love them!! Andddd, bought the Henri Bendel bag and socks. Your like a personal shopper you make my life so easy Love your taste–it’s very similar to mine. I might need to try those gap socks.

    • says

      oh im so excited you bought the bag! don’t you love it? it took me a little while to decide on that one over one they have that is similar but ultimately I believe I made the best choice. I’m loving everything they have right now! and definitely get the gap socks – bought the ankle socks in the multipoint for every day and the athletic socks.

  2. says

    Thats so funny that your sons friends were all baking holiday cookies! Not the worst thing at all. We used to always make sugar cookies when we did holiday baking when I was growing up. Now I mostly stick to chocolate chip, but sugar cookies are fun to decorate!
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