Workout Recap: Higher Mileage + Colder Weather

MAJOR temperature swing this week! I started Monday morning running in a tank top and ended the week bundled up in all the layers.

I can’t really complain though because the time change brought me extra sunlight which meant more time to run each morning outdoors. While all of my runs this week were easy runs, my mileage crept back up and every day felt great overall even though it was that time of the month for me.

Monday – 6.2 Miles/10 Min Pure Barre

Just an easy run with no plan – I didn’t even intend to run 6 miles! I went from maybe running 3 and heading home for Pure Barre to running 5 and then staying out another mile to 6.2 miles total.

6 miles

10 min Pure Barre workout: Thighs & Seat

Tuesday – 7 Miles

You can’t NOT be a runner during true fall weather. It was in the low 40’s and sunny this morning that I had to stay out there for 7 miles! Even though it was the worst few hours of my menstrual cycle, I definitely felt decent enough for an easy run. Exercise and fresh air can work wonders!

fall running

Tuesday’s post was a Running Coach Q & A with Laura – here’s the link if you missed it!

Wednesday – 5 Miles/15 Min Pure Barre

5 easy miles in the chilly air which felt terrific! It’s still comfortable enough to run outdoors without a hat and gloves so I will take it all in while I still can.

5 miles

When I got home, I combined three, 5 minute Pure Barre workouts: Arms, Thighs & Seat.

Thursday – 7 Miles

Nothing much to say here. Just an easy run. In case you missed my post on Thursday, I talked about my plan for the 2018 NYC Marathon!

Friday – 3.25 Miles/35 Min Pure Barre

Broke out my running hat for the first time this season! Easy 30 minute run in the cold wind before coming home for a 35 minute Pure Barre workout.

pure barre on demand

Saturday – 12 Miles

Low 20’s meant LAYERS plus my hat, gloves and neck warmer. I usually keep my neck warmer around my mouth for the first two miles or so until I get used to being outside and then I pull it down.

Although, I probably should have left it up the entire time  – it was so cold that I don’t think I could feel my chin!

bundled up run

I’m also back to wearing my favorite GapFit Gfast Winterbrush Leggings which keep my legs warm while running in the cold weather. They fit super well, have zippered pockets and don’t slide down!

Running in the cold weather, especially early on in the season does take some adjusting so I was happy to see this post from Run To The Finish regarding cold weather running warm ups. Definitely check it out!

Sunday – Pure Barre

I honestly feel like running today but I know I need a day off! I totally forgot that I ran 5 miles last Sunday. Since I don’t normally run on Sunday, a day off before starting the week tomorrow is definitely more than necessary.

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Did it get super cold by you this week? How did it affect your workouts?




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  1. says

    The temps sure did drop here in MD this week, quickly too! But overall it wasn’t too hard to adjust to, I think its been harder this year for me to adjust to the time change!

  2. says

    It got so cold over the week! I was in shorts and a tshirt during my run Monday and was in layers yesterday morning for my long run. So weird! I need to go pick up some cheap gloves to wear while running. My fingers were frozen yesterday.

  3. says

    We were cold at the start of this week and settled into normal temperatures in the 40s by the weekend. It was cold for my tempo run but it felt nice – I prefer running in the cold over the heat (ha, heat by Seattle standards) any day. Great week of running!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Friday ThriveMy Profile

  4. says

    Nice! Actually, maybe it’s because I was born in quite a cold area, but I enjoy running and working out when it’s pretty cold outside.
    For example, when I’m on holidays and I’m training when it’s really warm outside I feel so bad.
    I need this refreshing cold in order to be effective 🙂