Super Cute Sneakers You Need + New Handbag + Links


I want to quickly talk today about super cute sneakers but I received a few messages asking about my handbag in the background of a photo I shared in Monday’s post so let’s discuss that first.

It’s actually a new handbag for me this season and I’m obsessed with it! If I am being honest, I’ve been in the market for a new, every day bag for like 12 years.


It’s been so hard for me to find THE BAG that I want to use all of the time!

So I finally bought the Henri Bendel Soho Crossbody Hobo recently and I’m so glad that I did. While I don’t currently wear it as a crossbody, it’s nice to have the extra strap to easily attach as an option. It’s the perfect everyday, leather bag and I highly recommend it. It’s a good size, has an inside zippered pocket plus two inside pockets wide enough to fit our phones. Oh, and an outside pocket on the back too!

Henri bande soho bag

Henri Bendel also has these fun charm options right now so I bought a heart to personalize to my bag. I like the initials collection too. Maybe I need a letter M!

bag and sneakers

So super cute sneakers. I do a lot of talking about clothing but it’s important to discuss what we wear on our feet on a regular basis too.

The wide variety of super cute sneakers trending right now go really well with the comfy fashion finds we talked about last Friday.  You don’t want to wear your running shoes when you aren’t running (why burn them out sooner than you have to?!) so you need another pair of comfortable, casual shoes that are cute on your feet. 

I have the stars sneakers (seen above) but I’m in the market maybe for another pair of sneakers, perhaps with glitter. Gosh it makes me so happy to see glitter as a major fashion trend right now. You know I love glitter!

While I won’t be spending on these Valentino Glitter Sneakers or these Gucci glitter sneakers, I did spot these glitter sneakers from Tretorn which are much more reasonably priced! They come in pink glitter or silver glitter.

tretorn glitter sneakers

If you aren’t a fan of glitter (I won’t try to understand but everyone is entitled to their opinion), I found a few other styles of sneakers that you may like.

This pair of white Steven Madden sneakers with a gold star look fun and neutral to go with anything. Oh and these Slip On Sneakers from Steve Madden are really cute for every day too! Or how about these Rose Gold Slip-Ons, Rose Gold is way popular across the board right now. From jewelry to flatware to clothing!

I also like this pair of Steve Madden metallic sneakers. They look a little glittery but aren’t glittery if that makes sense.

I’m sitting here currently thinking about this pair of pink Lace Up Platform Sneakers. They are pink suede and I love pink. What do you think?

If you are wondering what type of sock to wear with any of these sneakers, I just found these glitter sneaker socks. Please, humor me with the glitter right now.

And if you come here for food, I found these recipes in between shoe shopping this week.

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Have a great weekend!

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Do you like crossbody bags?

What do you usually wear on your feet when you are dressed casually? Have you bought any of the new cute sneakers yet? Which kind? What color?

Do you wear your running shoes for activities other than running? 





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  1. says

    Usually when I res casually I will just slip on a pair of vans, but I do wear running shoes (not the ones I run in though) a lot for work!

  2. says

    I love Henri bendel’s I have been shopping there with my grandmother and mother since I was a little girl. I remember taking my daughter there as a little girl for the first time. There is just an overwhelming amount of eye candy!! I love the bag you are wearing. You saved me the leg work–I am going to go buy it today. Also, this season is all about the glitter–it’s so much fun. You really have some good options. Thanks for sharing all your finds!!! What socks do you buy? I find they just aren’t made the way they use to be. They Thorlo are thinner and real For the money. They use to be great and for casual wear I find not a lot of options.

    • says

      I really do love this bag! And Bendel is my favorite store lately – so much eye candy as you say! As for socks, I like the link to the glitter low socks that I shared but I haven’t tried them yet – I’ve been wearing the low gap athletic socks for years. The black ones hide well in my black star sneakers but I do need other low socks. I am going to try those glitter ones in the link. A pair of peds sometimes works but I find them way too thin and eventually my feet will hurt if I’m doing a lot of walking.

  3. says

    That is a cute bag! I like crossbody bags – my current Kate Spade bag (that I’ve had for 4 or 5 years now) is a crossbody. In summer, I wear Birkenstocks, but this winter I wear a pair of Born booties everywhere. I do wear running shoes for when we take the dogs on a walk or to the dog park.

  4. says

    Hi Meredith, I am crazy for the sneakers and handbags. You shared really cute and classy sneakers, I love them. Now, I will also buy the same. Thanks for letting me know about such cuties. Keep sharing!