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The last Currently post I shared was in July so it was definitely time to put another one together!


Currently Watching:

A few of my favorite series ended for now (Younger and Siesta Key) but it’s okay, I still have the new season of the Kardashians going for me plus my 90 Day Fiancé to watch on TLC! Gosh, we love 90 Day Fiancé. Please please please tell me you watch too?

Also, hockey season is back which means I’m busy watching games again! We even went to the Islanders game Saturday night which makes for three regular season home games plus a preseason game already under our belts for this season.


Currently Reading:

I wish I could say there’s a light-hearted, chick lit novel like old times on my night stand right now but there isn’t. One of these days I will get back into my reading groove in the evening. For now though, scrolling Islanders gossip on Twitter plus my usual internet reads are going to count as all of the reading I do in my spare time.

This link especially, 10 Best Designer Handbags To Invest In,  caught my attention. Most of my designer handbag investments happened years ago and I can still use those bags today. A classic bag never goes out of style so they can definitely be worth their money. If you need my help in rationalizing a handbag purchase that may equal a mortgage payment, just let me know. I’m here to help. 🙂

Currently Listening To:

I’m still enjoying Pandora’s thumbprint Radio station while I run since it plays a great mix of all of the songs I like to hear. While Pink’s What About Us is still a current favorite of mine, I can’t let go of my all time favorite Air Supply song which 80s on 8 was playing all weekend!

Making Love Out Of Nothing At All is definitely THE BEST love song ever or at the very least, a top 5 best ever love song if you ask my opinion.


air supply

Currently Eating:

Sushi has my heart.


But so does pizza. I inhaled this pizza at the Islanders game the other night. Like really, inhaled. I wonder if the people around me noticed.

Whatever, I was STARVING. We had to take the train which was an extra long ride because of track work plus we still had to do the dreaded change at Jamaica so I worked up an appetite in that prolonged process. When are the Islanders going to move out of Brooklyn already?!


Currently Craving:

Per the usual, chocolate cake. We know chocolate cake is my love language.

chocolate molten cake

Currently Wearing:

So the weather here in New York still feels like summer, or at least spring, which means I can’t get into a fall wardrobe groove and never know what to wear. Are shorts finished? Will I be hot in a sweatshirt?

I end up living in the off the shoulder sweatshirts with my Lululemon Align crops as pictured here from Saturday when I was at Dior’s national makeup event.

I bought a new Dior brown eye liner which is a switch from my typical black liner along with a new Diorskin Forever Undercover concealer, and Diorshow Black Out mascara. 

Oh, and if you aren’t already using Dior Flash Luminizer Radiance Booster Pen, you need it. It brightens your face, doubles as a concealer at times and gives you a nice, highlighted bright appearance.

Dior Makeup

And then I walked through Bloomingdales and decided we may need this cold-shoulder sweatshirt.

Currently Laughing About:

I can make any situation funny which is one of my finer qualities. Of course there are certain things one shouldn’t laugh at but you know what I mean. In general, my friends and I take the serious life stuff (and the not so serious stuff) and find a way to make the situation absolutely hilarious. We are not exactly normal but we are REALLY FUNNY and, what’s normal anyway?

The world of GIF images in text messages has been helping us when we need to back up our already funny conversation with an unrelated yet somehow related image to add to our humor.

This weekend it became the classic scene from Dirty Dancing. I carried a watermelon (but I didn’t actually carry a watermelon yet now we can laugh about this scene plus what we were laughing at, get it?) HA.

Currently On My List For This Week:

I’ve become really bad at using my planner to list out everything I need to do which is not good! I’m mentally more organized when I write things down but lately I’m just out of the habit.

Here are the important things I think I really need to remember to do in addition to my usual routine:

Call my son’s teen tour and sign him up for next summer! The early bird rate ends this week so I gotta make sure I get my deposit in!

Host a work webinar on Wednesday with Warner Bros.! You know I love my job and this week I get to chat live with the team at Warner Bros. Events to learn what it’s like to host events on the Warner Bros. studio lots in Hollywood. How cool?!

I think I have a teacher conference or two to attend this week too. This time of year is when we make appointments to meet for literally five minutes with each teacher one on one. Thankfully my son is doing AWESOME so far in high school. I am very proud.

Have a great week!

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Best thing you ate over the weekend?

How is the weather by you? Is it unusually warm or cold?


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  1. says

    I need that chocolate cake in my life, yum! Best thing I ate over the weekend was a sandwich from a not so healthy restaurant but I was celebrating my 10 mile race so the calories didn’t count right?!
    Also, “What About Us” is such a great song.

  2. says

    Ahhhh your son is in high school! It’s so crazy how fast time flies. I LOVE that pic of you putting on lip gloss. SUCH A BABE. A lady walked through the store yesterday who totally looked like you. I got all excited and then sad because obviously it wasn’t you. 🙁
    Suzy recently posted…Mileage MondayMy Profile

  3. says

    Best thing I ate is definitely a toss-up between a Nutella acai bowl and some amazing pizza from &Pizza.
    The weather here in DC is weird…it’s like 50 in the morning when I go to my first class, and then it heats up to 75 by the afternoon, so I’m always wearing tons of layers. And then of course by dinnertime, it’s November, and I need to put on a jacket LOL.
    Nicole @ Laughing My Abs Off recently posted…A Most Lovely and Memorable WeekendMy Profile