Running & Pure Barre Workouts (10.15.17 – 10.22.17)


5 years ago this weekend I ran my first ever half marathon at Hershey Park. In some ways it’s just CRAZY to me to realize that my first ever half marathon experience was already 5 years ago and at the same time, it feels forever ago! I didn’t start my blog until a few months after the Hershey Half but I did eventually write a good recap of the race and my experience. Here’s the link if you would like to read it.

hershey half marathon

And 3 years ago this weekend I ran the Runner’s World Hat Trick of races which included a 5K, followed by a 10K and a half marathon the next day. Here’s that recap!

The half marathon definitely became my favorite race distance for a while there and I think in some ways, it would still be my response when asked about my favorite distance to race. However, as you know, I’m currently in a bit of a hiatus from running 13.1 miles simply because I don’t feel like it. I’m sure the desire will return again and in the meantime, I’m really enjoying the shorter distance runs right now SO MUCH for so many reasons. A separate post really needs to be written about it.


This week felt like a lighter workout week for me overall. My mileage still fell over 30 miles but I cut back I think on Pure Barre workouts.

It wasn’t overly intentional, I just didn’t feel the mental level of patience for completing 30 minute Pure Barre workouts, so I didn’t. Sometimes when work is really busy (as it currently it right now), I find that I lose my mental patience for completing my workouts during the week because I’m rushing/thinking ahead to getting home and checking my email.

Monday – 60 Minutes Running

I noticed that Runkeeper was not accurately tracking my distance so I switched my mindset to an effort/time based run rather than distance.

20 minutes easy + 20 minutes half marathon effort + 20 minutes easy

I’m not totally sure how off the tracking was but it had to be at least .25 miles total. I think. Whatever, it was still a strong run and definitely over 6.5 miles but not quite 7. Even without tracking my mile markers, I can judge my effort in relation to the time to see that I was well within my target range.

Tuesday – 30 Min Running/10 Min Pure Barre

It’s still amazing to me how running a 30 minute workout can feel as invigorating, if not more exhausting, then a 60 minute easier run.

5 min easy + 5 min 30 seconds hard/30 easy + 10 min hard + 5 min 30/30 + cool down < – One of Laura‘s workouts.

This was a run by time focused workout but I am pretty sure I got Runkeeper working again so the splits are correct.


I didn’t plan on doing any Pure Barre workouts today but then I went with a 10 minute thighs & seat workout.

Wednesday – 30 Min Easy Running/10 Min Pure Barre

I almost didn’t run or do anything today but then I remembered I had a hectic day ahead and an easy run would make me feel better.

3.25 miles in the cool air followed by two 5 minute Pure Barre workouts. One for arms and one for seat. I love the 5 minute Pure Barre workout options!

pure barre on demand seat workout

Thursday – 30 Min Fartlek Workout (5 Miles Total)/Pure Barre

I tried Laura’s 30 minute fartlek workout and LOVED IT. I am telling you – when you just jump right into running of these 30 minute workouts with speed, you will finish wondering what the heck you just did. It’s so challenging in a short amount of time that you feel as though you ran much longer than you did. I ended up with a longer cool down than planned (2 extra miles) and then came home for a quick 10 minute seat and abs workout.


Friday – 4 Miles/Pure Barre

Just an easy 4 mile run before coming home for 15 minutes of Pure Barre. I combined a 5 minute seat workout with a 10 minute arms & ab workout.

Saturday – 10 Miles

I decided early on in this run to do 5 miles easy + 2 X 2 miles at half marathon effort (2 min easy in between) + cool down to 10 miles.

I started out averaging an easy 9:15 per mile until mile 5 when I slowed a bit and thought that maybe I was tired and not in the mood to keep running. I’m glad I pushed myself to give the rest of the run a shot because I did really well! I never pause Runkeeper for the 2 min easy so even with that in the mix here, I was definitely up to speed with my half pace.


Sunday – Rest Day

I have to be out of the house early this morning to take my son somewhere and we were out late last night at the Islanders game so no time for a Pure Barre workout for me.

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Where was your first half marathon?

If you use Runkeeper or other mileage tracking app, do you find they are accurate or do they get screwed up when you do phone updates?

Does work ever interfere with your workouts in the morning in terms of mentally feeling rushed?

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  1. says

    Yes, I definitely feel rushed during the week knowing I have to get to work! My workouts have been shorter lately and I slack on my cool down because Im just thinking about getting out the door. My first half was 10 years ago this month! (It was a different weekend, but still the Baltimore half). I feel like Ive been running races for longer than that though!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…The Benefits of Running 3 Days a WeekMy Profile

  2. says

    I am not great at working out first thing in the morning. I like a mid morning or mid afternoon workout which does not always make sense.

    I totally wish we have a barre studio here.

    Have a great week!