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Just yesterday I was saying how grateful I always am for the little things in life. Well, here’s another example today. I’m grateful to live in New York where it’s hard to find a bad slice of pizza. There’s nothing like New York pizza!

Specialty pizza slices have become a big thing over the years. You can find just about anything on top of pizza these days. There’s a variety of ziti pizza slices, barbecue or chicken parmesan pizza and even hot dogs and French fries pizza slices depending upon the pizza place you frequent.

It didn’t take long for the speciality veggie pizza to win my heart. I feel like veggie pizza is your healthy balance between indulging in a pizza craving while getting your servings of vegetables accomplished too.

Since I’m a big pizza eater (especially lately!) I thought it was time to round-up some of the veggie pizza slices available on Long Island. Obviously this is not a complete offering of veggie pizza as there are probably two or three pizzerias per square mile, but these are the local pizza places I frequent fairly often for veggie pizza.

veggie pizza on Long Island

Let’s start with one of my all-time favorites, the veggie pizza at Chef’sYou may recognize the name from the Food Network, Chef’s was featured for best spinach slice.

This delicious slice of veggie pizza from Chef’s, which is made on a whole wheat crust with sesame seeds, includes breaded eggplant amongst the vegetables which is not a typical addition found at other pizza places that serve veggie pizza.

veggie pizza

I used to order this veggie pizza at Chef’s a few times a week when my son was little! His Gymboree class was in the same shopping center so we fell into a routine of Gymboree followed by pizza for lunch. He would even order it for me and call it “mommy’s set-a-ble’s pizza.”

We stopped at Woodbury Pizza the other night where my typical order is their veggie pizza.

I would call Woodbury Pizza’s veggie slice decent. The crust isn’t whole wheat but they put a good amount of quality mozzarella cheese. The vegetables they use include broccoli (pretty standard) plus zucchini, pea pods and even lima beans!

veggie pizza

Stella’s was my childhood pizza place growing up so the fact that they are still around makes me so happy. They have changed their veggie slice though through the years since I was a kid. While it’s still delicious (and I could detect their signature tasting regular crust in a taste test) it doesn’t have enough sauce or cheese for my liking. Don’t get me wrong – I do order it and enjoy it but I miss their old veggie slice which had the vegetables smothered in sauce.

vegetable pizza

The veggie pizza at Mario’s is good. I say good because it’s not great but it’s certainly not bad. It’s just basic and good, made on a regular crust with your standard veggie slice vegetables. I think it’s Mario’s sauce that just doesn’t stand out to me. It’s not unique in any way. It’s just good. There’s that word “good” again.

veggie pizza

Villa Monte in Old Bethpage is probably MY MOST FAVORITE veggie pizza. Made on a whole wheat crust and LOADED with vegetables, this slice never disappoints. My only recommendation would maybe be a little more sauce on the pizza but overall, it’s just the best.

Look at those roasted veggies, especially the asparagus!

veggie pizza

veggie pizza

villa monte


And I really want to include the Cauliflower Pizza at Refuge in this post even though the pizza is not served by the slice.

I had this cauliflower pizza a few times over the summer and just adore it. I think I even dream about it!

cauliflower pizza

A few pizza notes:

I’m often shocked when terrific pizza places don’t offer a speciality veggie slice. Like La Scala in Commack. The last time I checked, there’s no veggie slice! They have the best regular slice of pizza so my feeling is that they would probably make a great veggie slice too if they tried!

A lot of pizza places offer a salad slice but I’m not a fan. Like, sometimes salad pizza looks good but it never really satisfies the pizza spot for me.

I almost always order my veggie pizza with a side of sauce for dipping. I like to eat the crust first and then cut up the pizza while dipping in the sauce.

My plan is to try to branch out to more pizza places in search of a good veggie slice. I get stuck in my routine pizza places but I think it would be fun to try a few different ones and maybe find a new favorite!

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Do you have a favorite pizza place near you? What do you like to order?

Favorite pizza toppings?

If you are in the New York area, which pizza place is your most favorite?


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  1. says

    Veggie pizza is honestly in my top 10 favorite foods, if not top 5. I love it. When I make it at home, I’ll experiment with different vegetables – my current favorite combination being mushrooms, bell peppers, arugula or spinach, and zucchini. I’ve done asparagus, broccoli, and squash before. They are all so good!
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  2. Jenna Sargent says

    Ah those all look so good. I just moved to Long Island and have just been getting cheese pizza from the same place near my house, but I’ll have to venture out and try some of these. The one with asparagus looks especially good.