Birthday Cake & Weekend Highlights


Thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes for my son on Friday! I wish I would have gotten pictures from his birthday dinner BUT I didn’t so let’s just jump right to the birthday cake.

Earlier in the day on Friday, I picked up a birthday cake to have at home after dinner.

Chocolate fudge cake for the win once again! It’s too bad the bakery lady didn’t know how to spell BENJI. She spelled it BENGI and I didn’t notice until we got home. Ah well, we fixed it as best we could.

birthday cake

Please look at those layers! Insert a heart emoji here please.

I’m telling you, everything is right in the world as you are eating chocolate fudge cake.

birthday cake

So my son’s best friend slept over Friday night which was fine for me until I got back from my long run Saturday morning. I walked in to find them not only up, but eating leftover buffalo wings and cake in the kitchen. We all know I do not want to interact with anyone until after I’ve showered and eaten breakfast following my long run so this was not a kitchen scene I was interested in.

I pretty much ignored them (and the mess) and went about my business which included taking my breakfast into my room. I never eat in my room! Major exception here but can you blame me?

I couldn’t even handle being in the kitchen long enough to properly assemble my oatmeal but it still came out good, even with the completely frozen blueberries.


Later in the day we headed to Brooklyn for Islanders opening night at home as if home is in Brooklyn.

Once inside the Barclays Center, I hooked a right and went straight to Sugar Factory to make a candy bag.

sugar factory

It’s as if the Barclays Center is trying to win me over by having a Sugar Factory inside the arena. I guess it works momentarily as I’m initially blinded by the Islanders cupcakes and goodies.


I won’t complain about how they try to freeze me out of this arena because at least the Islanders won and our seats were great. But really, this place is beyond what you think is cold for a hockey game. They do it to keep the ice cold enough because there are major ice issues although I guess no one then cares about the comfort of the fans.

At least the Islanders won. That’s what I kept telling myself on the train ride home as I simultaneously questioned life, how the Islanders ended up in Brooklyn and why I was standing on a train after 10:00 PM watching a lady putting on a full face of makeup. I still want to know where she was going when all I wanted to do was go to bed.

Islanders game

Sunday was all about errands which included a stop at my favorite Dior makeup counter.

dior makeup

And Chinese food for dinner. Who remembers when I used to cook? Me neither.

Chinese food

But look at the added value from last night’s takeout! Now I don’t need to pay  my psychic because my fortune cookies told me everything I needed to hear.

fortune cookies

The schools here are closed today so now it doesn’t even feel like Monday. Hopefully that helps the week to go fast!

Anyone off today for Columbus Day? Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!

Am I the only one who believes in psychics?

Best thing you ate over the weekend?

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  1. says

    Well, I guess I”m technically off for Columbus day, but I’m in Europe so… does that count? And you always share the BEST cakes.

  2. Lauren says

    My daughter got the EXACT SAME FORTUNE about inheriting a large sum of money on Friday night! LOL

  3. says

    I can only imagine walking in to the boys choking down on wings and cake in the morning – oh my goodness! That cake did look delicious. I’m a teacher and we had a workday today but no students which made for a really easy day!
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