When You Don’t Want To Think About Your Own Life


When you don’t want to think about your own life, you focus on the Kardashians.

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Kylie Jenner is pregnant. What?!

I’ve become obsessed with understanding how this happened (of course I know how, but you know) while also wondering if it’s slightly possible that Kylie is Kim’s mystery surrogate and no one is telling us yet.

I watch Life of Kylie (whatever, leave me alone) and just cannot believe the turn of events here! What about all of the young girls who follow her? What type of message is this sending? How does Tyga feel about this?

Is she old enough to be a mother? No way. But is anyone ever really old enough in terms of being mentally prepared for a baby? No way.

One of my first thoughts when I found out about Kylie was about poor Khloe until I learned the big news.


I was genuinely happy to hear about Khloe so that she could join in on the baby fun with her sisters. What happens now to her revenge body? Is she worried about it?

Should we even discuss that none of these girls (as in Kourtney, Kylie and Khloe) aside from Kim are actually married? 

I like how Khloe keeps saying she is in the best relationship of her life. So now getting engaged to Lamar after 9 days was not the best idea? 

Who am I to judge though. We all have a past and make decisions that maybe we think are right only to learn that maybe they weren’t right.

Sometimes we think we are happy. Was Kim ever really happy with Kris Humphries by the way? I can’t imagine so.

Plenty of people get married for reasons other than love (most people don’t even know what real love is) or they just settle for financial reasons or because they just think they should.

And sometimes, we don’t even know how happy we can actually be until we experience the right person to realize the other people really just weren’t it. Maybe that’s how Kim ended up with Kanye. I think that’s actually what she said recently. 

Oh, and where are Rob and Chyna in all of this? Has anyone heard from them? His life went down hill when that Adrienne girl from the Pussycat Dolls left him years ago. I wonder if he realizes that. 

Just in case you are still reading, I had Chipotle yesterday and I think they gave me a lot of guacamole without me having to ask for extra.


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Anyone else watch the Kardashians? How are you feeling about Kylie and now Khloe?!

That’s a lot of guacamole, right? Do you go to Chipotle? What do you order?



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  1. Jen says

    ROFL. i love this post. I too find the Kardashian interesting. It is a bit crazy right now for them, huh? I use to watch their show a lot, and while I don’t watch it much now, I am always “into” ‘Keeping Up with the kardashians’ har har. 🙂