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thinking out loud

I’ve developed a new method for emptying my dishwasher. I’m not sharing this method with you to say that it works so well because it doesn’t. It doesn’t work at all.

Lately I have fallen into this multitasking habit of partially emptying the dishwasher while doing other things at the same time. The problem is, I don’t realize I am only partially emptying the dishwasher. I simply forget that I was in the middle of emptying it, think that it’s empty and then start loading it with dirty dishes later in the day. Then suddenly, the dishwasher is full again which triggers my brain to say, how can this be? Didn’t I just empty it? The lightbulb goes off to remind me I didn’t finish emptying the dishwasher. Clean dishes are now mixed with the dirty dishes which means I declare everything inside dirty even though most of those dishes were clean and the cycle begins again.

Avocados are causing me issue lately too.

I keep getting the avocados that are never destined to turn ripe. Like they just hang out looking as though they are ripe but remain hard as a rock.  Because of this, I buy another avocado and decide it’s sort of soft enough to be ripe so I cut it open only it’s not ripe and I just ruined the chance for it to ever get ripe.

salad and avocado

^The big salad bowl that I always mention from Stew Leonard’s!

Then I go back to the store for ANOTHER round of avocados only to be limited to a choice between the super hard avocados which instills my fear of the avocado never turning ripe OR the crazy overripe avocados that are so soft that if I actually purchase it, I have to go home and eat it right away.

I found this someecard in my blog’s media library. What ever happened to someecards? I don’t really see them circulating as much anymore?


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Care to share any lame household issues you are causing for yourself?

Anyone else struggling with the avocados these days?



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    Someecards are the best. I wish they were still as popular but I feel like memes replaced them a bit. You can bake avocados in the oven to make them ripen faster! My dad did it the other weekend and it worked like a charm.

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    I never buy avocados because they’re expensive and I’m moody about them, so I’ll buy them and then not eat them. I just learned that you can freeze avocados though! So I COULD do that if I had to.
    Suzy recently posted…A Day in the LifeMy Profile

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    I dont really eat avocados but I hate picking them out for Rob because its so hard to get so to find ones that will be just right. I don’t open the dishwasher until I can commit to emptying the whole thing otherwise I would definitely forget to take out the rest of the clean stuff!
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Fall Blog Post Round-UpMy Profile

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    I can’t get into avocados at all. I just don’t like them. Beside the avocado, that salad looks so delicious!! I love Someecards and just like you, I haven’t really seen them circulating around the internet as much as before either. Hope you have a great weekend!
    Kayla recently posted…Day three in Disney!!My Profile