Happy Week Of Running! (workout recap)


What a happy week of running I had this week! In Thursday’s post, I went into detail about what felt like a mental burnout brewing from running longer distances and how I was planning to go about dealing with it.

My brain and body responded instantly to the change in approach to my daily runs and workouts. I was excited to get outside every morning this week and my pace reflected my mood.

I knew I still had quicker paces inside me but lately I really felt as though I was running super comfortably on an autopilot that just wouldn’t give because it didn’t want to give. Right now I am thrilled with where I am at and happy to feel myself running faster naturally because I suddenly have interest in doing so again.

No half marathon training plans on the horizon though, in case you were starting to wonder. I still don’t feel like running 13 miles right now but hey, that can change whenever it feels like changing!

workout recap running pure barre

Monday – 35 Min Running/30 Min Pure Barre

I started my week exactly how I planned, with a 30 minute running workout. Laura sent me this short and fast fartlek workout which I modified it slightly to give myself a 10 minute warm up instead of 8 minutes. I wasn’t short on time so it was okay for me to extend portions of the workout by a few minutes.

I think my brain is going to love these shorter workouts at a higher intensity!

  • 10 minute warm up
  • 7  X 2 min hard/1 min easy
  • cool down

I was still full of energy but happy to be done with my run and head home for Pure Barre. I chose the 30 minute Pure Barre workout (from Pure Barre on Demand) that incorporates a TOWEL as resistance. I LOVE using the towel for resistance!

Pure Barre On Demand

^Screenshot from Pure Barre On Demand. Looks like I was there, right?

Using a towel as resistance is a nice change from the weights and it definitely works the muscles without you realizing. We also use the towel at times to work on balance. This workout is definitely one of my favorite Pure Barre workouts.

Tuesday – Yoga/5 Miles

I woke up a little sore in my seat from yesterday’s Pure Barre workout. So, before my run I stretched with my old favorite pre-run yoga routine.

I stuck with my shorter distance again today pushing the pace slightly at times more than I normally would for an easy run.

runkeeper splits

Wednesday – 6 Miles/Pure Barre

I liked today’s run! 6 miles with no real plan and a brief stop at mile 3 to fix my hair. 🙂

6 miles

Quick Pure Barre combo when I got home: 5 minute arms followed by 5 minute abs.

Thursday – 30 Minutes Running/30 Minutes Pure Barre

I LOVED today’s run. I followed one of the 30 minute workouts from Laura again only I picked up my pace during the last 5 minutes rather than do the cool down. Even though it was humid outside, I was able to pick up my pace and SO HAPPY while running.

run keeper splits

I came home crazy sweaty and jumped right into a 30 minute Pure Barre workout.

pure barre on demand

Friday – Yoga/7 Miles

I didn’t set out to run 7 miles. I’m actually not sure what I set out to run but overall I was very happy.

7 miles

I guess we can call this a fartlek run because I spent a lot of time doing repeat intervals of 30 seconds fast/30 seconds easy. There were also intervals of 1 min fast/1 min easy plus a few times of pushing my pace for .50 mile at a time.

Saturday – 10 Miles

Well this was fun. It was crazy humid but somehow I forgot about that after the first few miles. I played around with random intervals of speed and easy running with more effort in the last half of the run before cooling down.

Miles 6, 7, 8, 9 were intervals of .25 easy/.75 effort. I really liked this run and barely noticed that I went 10 miles although I was tired for sure by the end.

10 mile run

Sunday – Not Running!

Time for a day off. I may choose a Pure Barre workout if I have time this morning. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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How was your week in running? Did the weather affect you? Is it warmer/cooler than usual where you live?

Are you currently training for a race? Which one?

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  1. says

    Glad you enjoyed your runs this week! It was definitely warmer and more humid on Saturday which I wasnt expecting. My run felt much harder and I even had some chafing. As much as I don’t want summer to end, I think Im ready for fall running weather!

    • says

      Yes! It’s new (they launched in June) and I just love it. I was doing a bunch of their DVD’s and online workouts for the last few years but the on demand is awesome. I am planning to review it in the next couple of weeks.