Pasta Primavera + Mental Burnout Running Update


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Someone googled “not ready for summer to be over” and landed here on my blog.

Dear googler, I totally understand.

I’m over here in New York fighting the end of summer too but no matter how I resist, fall is approaching. School started and life is just back to the usual routine with the cooler temperatures settling in.

This doesn’t mean I have to give up outdoor dining yet though. As long as the outdoor restaurants are open, I will be there.

zucchini primaveraI do love to order zucchini primavera when it’s on a restaurant menu although I do still order traditional pasta primavera from time to time.

I am not afraid of real pasta.

pasta primavera

Let’s discuss my workouts so far this week.

As I said in Sunday’s workout recap post, I am leaning towards shorter workouts over running the longer distances right now.

I think that mentally, I am just OVER running long distances for the moment. Or maybe just saying I am over running longer distances and switching to shorter distances is enough to mentally let me run longer when I feel like it.

There’s a mental something at play with me right now. I wouldn’t quite call it a full-on mental burnout but if I don’t finally address the slight something going on, I may enter mental burnout and I do not want that to happen.

If I stop to think about whatever has been going on mentally, I realize that it’s slowly been brewing for a really long time.

That’s the thing with me. I don’t just flip a switch immediately. Something will be on my radar and I will deal with it on the back burner for quite a while until one day I just decide that enough is enough and I’m DONE.

I don’t want to be done with running though! I don’t want to be done with running 13 miles at a time either! This is why I’m addressing the issue now to avoid waking up one day and being DONE.

It probably started last summer as I was heavily in planning mode for my son’s Bar Mitzvah. I was slowly losing interest and desire in longer distance runs. While I kept with my usual routine for the most part, slowly over time my brain has started to really resist wanting to bother with longer distances.

There’s a major difference yet fine line between motivating yourself to break through mental barriers AND knowing when it’s okay to not push yourself when you don’t want to push yourself.

We don’t always have to follow the whole fitspo life of no excuses. It’s okay to not run all the miles all the time and it’s okay to not run as often as you used to if you don’t feel like it.

It’s also okay to not wait for an injury to be the reason you choose to run less.

Routine is great but can become very mundane over the years. I’m routine by nature so I think I’ve been on autopilot for a few years just trying to keep up with what I normally do but it’s time for a change. I may always run injury free physically but I have to pay attention to the mental side of things too!

This week I’ve been extra excited to get outside and my pace responded instantly.

I’m running faster overall than I have in quite a while which I think is ALL MENTAL. My brain was clearly bored with my routine and distance running.

It’s as if my brain became overjoyed to hear that I am now listening and giving  shorter workouts a real shot in my routine, rather than just when I want an easy day.

I can’t even say I’ve really cut my distance much – just yesterday was a 6 mile run. But each day I make the decision if maybe I want to run 30 minutes or go a little longer. I am really happy about my shorter distance choices and workouts.

This is not to say I won’t run 13 miles on Saturday. While I haven’t run that far in a few months and probably won’t, I’m not ruling anything out. The only thing I’m doing is acknowledging that the option is more than there to run as little as I feel like, even if it’s a long run day or a day when I would usually run at least 7 or 8 miles.

Please note that my Pure Barre routine is feeling unaffected. I am still feeling the Pure Barre love probably because I alternate the variety and length of those workouts on a weekly basis. 🙂

On This Day:

9/14/16: What I Ate Wednesday – This was one of the last days that I ate butternut squash. I had a stomach virus last year right around this time and I gave up butternut squash after being sick and I still can’t eat it. I get weird like that when it comes to stomach viruses and food aversions!

9/14/15: Rosh Hashanah & Weekend Stuff – More butternut squash! Tis the season I guess. .

9/14/14: Workout Recap – I am pretty sure this is the first weekly workout recap post I shared on the blog! Wow. How timely considering today’s discussion.

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Favorite type of pasta? Spaghetti, linguini, penne, rigatoni? Whole wheat or regular?

How do you handle the feeling of mental burnout approaching? 

How often do you change up your workout routine? Do you make drastic changes or minor changes?  


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  1. says

    I love any whole wheat pasta, I don’t really have a favorite shape. The two dishes you got look so yummy and are making me want pasta. When I feel a mental burnout with my running happening, I try to change up my running route.

  2. says

    ooo- that zucchini primavera looks awesome! I get burned out from running for sure- I think partnering with someone a few times a week helps- having someone to chat with breaks up the monotony a bit- I don’t use earbuds so my long runs get really boring and I lose interest after a bit, so I need to figure out a way as well- I am doing PIYO alongside of running and I think it’s helping the same way your Pure Barre is- Happy Rosh Hashanah soon too BTW!
    Barrie recently posted…Think Out Loud Thursday: Falling into thingsMy Profile

  3. says

    I think with mental burnout, it’s good to take a full on break, from longer runs and maybe even running period. Just for a few days and see how you feel when you start again. Are you excited to do it? Dreading it? Usually if it’s a burnout, a nice rest will do wonders for the mental mind barrier. I’m the same way as you though where I can feel something brewing for a while before I decide to suddenly tackle it. Also, I’m holding onto those alfresco meals as long as possible. Less cleanup. Ha! 🙂
    Meghan@CleanEatsFastFeets recently posted…Leaving on a Jet PlaneMy Profile

    • says

      I’ve been really happy to catch it before it’s full burnout so I can keep running since I want to – I just want to run less, faster or in a different routine way than before. It’s been a fun week!

  4. says

    When I feel a mental burnout coming on, I’m not really sure how I deal with it besides suppressing those feelings until I do burnout… which isn’t exactly ideal. But now since I did get burnt out and had to stop running completely, I try and change up my running workouts several times a week!
    Samantha recently posted…acceptanceMy Profile

  5. says

    We eat a whole grain blend spaghetti with whole wheat, quinoa, and teff that I just love. Recently I’ve been really enjoying spaghetti squash. We usually have homemade bread on the side, so it’s not a low carb thing – I just really like the taste and texture.
    I try to change up my workout routine with each training cycle so I don’t get burned out. I need variety in my running!
    Laura @ This Runner’s Recipes recently posted…Craft Classic Half Marathon RecapMy Profile

  6. Tracy says

    Ugh – I am suffering complete and total burnout over here but keep reminding myself how fortunate we are – South Florida really did dodge a major bullet. However, if school doesn’t start soon I will lose it! Actually one of my boys goes back tomorrow (yes!!!) but to add insult to injury after being out of school for more days than I can count – he only has 2 full days next week because of Roah Hashanah – which happens to be on my birthday!!
    Anyway, I was suffering major burnout a few months ago and came across Chalean Extreme. Have used it to supplement my cardio and LOVE it!!

    • says

      I’m glad they are getting back to school and the hurricane wasn’t too bad where you were! I remember when we had hurricane sandy and the schools were closed for 2 weeks – life was insane!I can’t even believe Rosh Hashanah is already next week. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!