30 Minute Workouts + Skipped My Long Run (workout recap)


As I mentioned in Friday’s Favorites post, my son’s new school schedule allows me the time to sleep and run later in the morning.The only issue is, I like to walk out the door at the same time he leaves for the bus stop.

This is an issue because he doesn’t want to see me at any point while he is waiting for the bus, getting on the bus or while riding the bus out of our community. I am totally understanding of this ninth grade attitude of mom being a loser so I do my best to adjust my running route around the school bus situation for the first mile or so of my run. However, my son seems to spot me anyway which then involves text messages at me while I’m running until he leaves the neighborhood. I can’t win!


Just another day in my life, just another day.

My workouts were slightly scaled back this week with the return to school. I can’t say it had anything to do with school or the bus stop issue, it was more my mood.

I didn’t feel like running more than what you will see below. In fact, I spoke to Laura the other day about really wanting to give her 30 minute running workouts a try, especially this one. Maybe what I need right now is a shake up to my workouts in terms of time and intensity.

Or maybe what I need is just to have 30 minute workouts as options in my head for the days when I just don’t want to be outside running for a long time.

We were laughing about how distance runners feel like 30 minutes is just a warm up when the reality is, you can work super hard in 30 minute workouts and get an incredible workout in a short amount of time.

30 minutes used to be my go-to workout window. Maybe I will get back to that on a more regular basis, rather than just using 30 minutes as my easy run/low effort day.

workout recap running pure barre

Monday – Pure Barre

I chose to skip my run in favor of staying home for a 55 minute Pure Barre workout. This Pure Barre workout in particular had a focus on arms which incorporate weights throughout, meaning ab work and lower body work involved arm work too!

I swear I will review Pure Barre On Demand soon, I swear!

Tuesday  – 5 Miles

Um, nothing special here. I don’t even remember this run other than it was the first day of school so I had to play around with my usual route to avoid the kids at the bus stop.

Wednesday – 1 Mile + Gym Time

It was super humid outside so after one mile, I chose to head indoors to the gym. Instead of the treadmill, I went with the elliptical for 30 minutes followed by some work with the kettleballs. Please don’t ask what kind of kettleball work I mean! I’m just a runner who pretends she knows what she is doing in the gym when she isn’t doing cardio.

Thursday – 7 Miles

A bit cooler out this morning made it more comfortable for a good run.

Friday – 30 Minutes Running/Pure Barre

I just wasn’t in the mood to run any longer than 30 minutes (a little over 3 miles). My legs were strong yet mentally, I was over it before it started.

As for Pure Barre, I went with my favorite Tone in 10: Seat & Abs plus a 5 minute Pure Barre arms workout.

pure barre on demand

Saturday – 6 Miles/Pure Barre

A long run sounded like the dumbest idea in the world today. Like, run for miles on end? Why would anyone do that?

I am clearly losing my usual mind, I know. 

Anyway, why push the distance and time on your feet if you don’t really feel like it?

That’s what I said to myself so instead of running long, I ran a mile easy (which wasn’t tracked because I hit pause without knowing) before jumping into Laura’s new 30 minute workout.

workout splits

This 30 minute workout involved intervals of hard and easy with a 10 minute steady-pace section. Oh boy did I love it! 30 minutes flew on by and then I cooled down before coming home for Pure Barre.

30 minute pure barre workout

Sunday – Not Really Sure

I usually reserve Sunday’s for Pure Barre but I threw off my usual Pure Barre routine this week! If I end up running or choosing a Pure Barre workout, I will include it in next week’s workout recap. 🙂

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How do you feel about 30 minute workouts? Do you use that time frame for days when you don’t have a lot of time or aren’t in the mood or are you able to use 30 minutes for incredible workouts by pushing the intensity?


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  1. says

    When I belonged to a gym before I moved, I loved doing 30 minute workouts on the stair master! They really worked up a sweat and I felt accomplished even though it wasn’t a long workout at all. Now, I use 30 minutes to do different strength training exercises I come up with. I’ll usually turn the tv on and repeat the circuit and pausing when I need it to make the time fly by.

  2. says

    Good for you listening to your body! I think for me, 30 minute workouts are strange because I’m so used to mine being at least 40 minutes that I feel the need to tack something else on, some more strength or a burst of cardio or something. But lately I’ve really been tuning into my body, and when it tells me it’s had enough after 30 minutes (usually a pretty intense workout), I just end it there.