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It’s Friday already! I have a few favorites from the week, one of them selfishly being my son’s new school schedule which allows me to NOT RUSH out the door in the morning. While my son certainly needs to be up and out earlier than he is used to for school, the timing of everything allows for me to sleep later and run later. I head outside after he leaves which is a nice change for me because I don’t feel rushed when I wake up. It’s a beautiful thing.

Friday Favorites

Baked By Melissa

I was always a total cupcake obsessed freak, especially during the cupcake craze that took place a few years ago. While the cupcake trend has certainly died down, I still enjoy a good cupcake even though my favorite Crumbs Bake Shop has closed.

Baked By Melissa is still around though! I always liked Baked By Melissa but it had been forever since I had those cute little cupcakes.

baked by Melissa

Baked By Melissa has tons of different cupcake flavors and introduces new ones all of the time. Of course I chose the chocolate varieties and I think the triple chocolate fudge was my favorite. Now I need more cupcakes!

baked by Melissa

Dior Lotion To Foam Cleanser

You know I love a cleanser when I run out of it and need to replace the bottle immediately. Sometimes I can switch my skincare products around and then sometimes I land on a really good one, as I did with Dior’s Lotion to Foam Fresh Cleanser, and I don’t want to mess with a good thing.

Dior Hydra Life Lotion to Foam Cleanser

It may be a little pricey but trust me, your skin will thank you. There’s just something about this lotion to foam fresh cleanser that cleans my face so mildly yet leaves it looking fresh, radiant, and clear. It only takes like two pumps of product to wash your face which means you don’t use a lot at a time! I haven’t had to replace this cleanser in several months which makes the price a bit more bearable. I definitely recommend it if you are looking for a new cleanser for your face.

Dior Lotion to Foam Cleanser

Onion Strings!

You know I love onion rings and you know I love my salad at The Cheesecake Factory.

Imagine how excited I was when they overloaded my favorite salad with the onion strings the other day! The onion strings are really the start of this salad because they just tie all of the flavors together so nicely.

Cheesecake Factory salad

Apple Crisp

So my recipe for lightened up apple crisp is from two years ago and I mentioned the recipe again the other day but I really want to share it today in case you missed it. It’s such an easy, healthy recipe using apples if you are looking to have a tasty dessert on hand during the week. When I reread the post and recipe again this week, I was actually pretty impressed with myself.

Who even remembers when I used to share recipes?!

If you are in the path of the hurricane, please stay safe! Hopefully it won’t be as bad as they are saying!

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Are you in the direct path of the hurricane for this weekend? Did you need to evacuate?

Are you a cupcakes fan? Ever have Baked By Melissa?

Which cleanser do you currently use for your face?




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  1. says

    I’m definitely more of a muffin than cupcake person; I’m one of those weirdos who likes the cake part more than the frosting part. But Baked By Melissa is really good; my mom and I used to have this cute tradition where we’d get like 12 and then divide each into tiny halves so we could try each one. As for cleanser, I’ve lately gotten into the new natural skincare brand Luminance Skincare, so I use their Delicate Facial Cleanser, which is great!
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  2. Tracy says

    So we got excited here when it was still coming but downgraded to a Caregory 3
    Miami on up the east coast has hopefully dodged a major bullet! My parents were in a mandatory evacuation zone in Miami and came up to Palm Beach Gardens. We decided not to leave (was totally second guessing my choice a few days ago!) and now bunkering down for some rain and strong winds! Hoping Irma keeps going west straight into the water!!