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When I saw this announcement pop up on Facebook, I nearly died. I mean really, finding out two of your high school teachers, over 20 years later, are getting married?!

kennedy high school

So many questions here, so many questions. My eyes have now been opened to lots of possibilities. Were there all sorts of scandalous activities and affairs taking place while I was in school between teachers? Was my Home Economics teacher (I remember really liking her by the way) secretly baking cookies for Mr. Wigand and sharing them in the teacher’s lounge when no one was looking?

Major love affairs? Marriages broken apart? Or is this just a case of reconnecting and decided hey, we are divorced, retired and always liked each other so let’s get married.

So yes, I went to Kennedy High School. Even if you aren’t from New York, Kennedy High School (as in Bellmore JFK, not Plainview JFK) made it’s place on the national map because of Amy Fisher. You know the whole Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafucco story right? Talk about scandalous activities. That was quite the dramatic storyline when I was in high school. It followed us everywhere and well, I followed it everywhere.

I guess I’ve always had a thing for scandals.

In high school, we made it a point to ring Amy Fisher’s doorbell on Halloween even though she was in jail and her mom never answered the door. And once we had our driver’s licenses, one of our first stops was a few towns over to do way too many drive by’s of Joey Buttafucco’s house. We needed to see what was going on, okay? And it wasn’t me who pulled through Joey’s circular driveway. I was the one in the back seat dying of laughter combined with fear that we would end up in jail.

Don’t forget that I used to follow Jerry Seinfeld too when I got my license since his sister was my neighbor!

We didn’t have internet or smart phones back then so I guess this was our entertainment. Although really, 99.9% of the fun is always in the process of getting to our scandalous destination and then talking about how ridiculous we are in the process.


I am no different today, believe me. Nowadays I am just a little bit older, a little bit blonder and have GPS built into my car. My younger self never would have believed something like GPS would ever even exist! 

castle adventure

You may have seen this on my Instagram story the other day. No big deal, we (as in my pal, Meaghan and me) just needed to make a quick stop at the Oheka Castle. And yes, it was a good time. Maybe a bad idea, but a really good time. 🙂

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When did you graduate high school? Will you/did you attend your reunion?

Are you a Seinfeld fan?

Do you agree that most of the fun resides in the process of getting to where you are going rather than the actual destination?



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    There were a lot of scandals like that at my high school..two teachers were both married to different people and ended up starting an affair with each other, got caught at school, got divorces and ended up getting married to each other. Then one of the gym teachers and math teachers who were married got divorced and the gym teacher filed a restraining order against the math teacher (which I guess was ok since the gym was in a different building from the main school but still awkward). THEN, one of my friends married his high school sweetheart, and she ended up working at the same high school as a teacher after college, fell in love with a student and got pregnant! So many other stories (including a meth lab explosion in our gym building). That would make a fun blog post 🙂
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    How weird that two of your high school teachers are getting married now!! I would be like you and thinking if there were scandalous activities happening during your time as a student. I graduated high school 4 years ago and don’t live in my hometown anymore. I would go to a reunion if I was in town but I don’t think I would plan a trip solely around it.
    I think getting to your destination is half the fun of going on a trip since there’s anticipation and excitement in going somewhere new.

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    I went to a private all-girls high school, and the biggest scandal wasn’t with our high school per se but the location. After having been missing for 10 years, they found Shawn Hornbeck with his captor just a few blocks from my school. But in the school itself, the most scandalous things where when some students got pregnant or a math teacher was demoted to teaching PE.
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