The Best Of Summer 2017



As much as I am ready for my son to go back to school, I am not ready for summer to end. This was my summer of freedom and definitely my most favorite summer in recent memory.

Even with hockey season approaching (insert emoji heart here), I’m just not ready for my summer to come to a close, yet the clock keeps moving me along.

Sometimes I really don’t like clocks.

I decided to round-up the best of summer 2017 for today’s Friday Favorites in my effort to focus on the positive, wonderful moments from this summer.

Foxwoods Road Trip

My summer officially started for me at the end of June when we went to Foxwoods with a stop on the way out east to the North Fork wineries.


Recap Post: Wineries & Foxwoods Road Trip

It feels like YESTERDAY that we stopped for breakfast at the diner for my favorite pancakes, passed through the wineries, and ate a whole lot of good food at Foxwoods.

sugar factory chocolate cake

Heather was here!

Who remembers when Heather was here in July? Our fun was weeks ago already and I miss her. Lately I spend my time thinking about how I am escaping to Florida for a quick weekend. I am currently searching flights in another window as I type this post.

heather and me

Fire Island

Why take the ferry when you can walk to Fire Island?!

fire island

I love to walk to Fire island in the summer and this time was the best, even though Surf’s Out didn’t have their onion rings.

surfs out fire island

Outdoor Dining

I wrote about my love for my favorite outdoor dining spots this summer and I will really miss eating outdoors as it gets colder.

Salt on the water

We still have a month left though before some of the outdoor dining spots close for the season and View, which is my new favorite restaurant, is open all year.

view oakdale sushi

Training With Laura:

I was lucky enough to receive a month of coaching from Laura this summer as a birthday gift. She is the greatest at creating training plans and I love the workouts she puts together for me. While I don’t know when I will next train for a race, I can tell you that I wouldn’t dream of doing it without her. And, lately I can tell that my pace, strength and ability feel stronger across the board which I attribute to the workouts she scheduled for me during those four weeks of summer training. 

Adidas energy boosts

Favorites Blog Posts:

According to my statistics, here are the top viewed posts this summer chosen by you, my reader friends!

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Glitter For Life:

Regardless of season, I am just not ready to put away my favorite glitter sandals from this summer. Thank goodness it doesn’t get too cold for a couple more months!

glitter sandals

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How would you rank this summer? Was it one of your favorites?

Are you looking forward to fall?

Are you a glitter fan like me?!



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    This post made me sad because summer is just to damn short and happy because yours and mine where so full of fun and happiness. The seasons of our lives run by much to fast so we have to enjoy each one to the fullest. Someone I know turns 81 today and still doing daily yoga, walking five miles, dresses so hip and stylish with the most youthful figure and gorgeous hair and is out at the theater and dinner dates constantly. She attributes it to her funloving, live life, don’t sweet eat attitude. Oh and btw, she is plant bas d with a love for great desserts. So there you have it girl you are also traveling along through a life well lived. Enjoy this awesome weather and have a great three day weekend❤️

  2. says

    Ugh I’m not ready for summer to end at all! I feel like it passed by in a flash. This has been one of my favorite summers in a while. One of my favorites from this summer was building the bar cart with my boyfriend! I wasn’t supposed to know about it but his brother ruined the surprise and I’m glad we were able to spend some time together building it.

  3. says

    Ok, so your sandals at the end are sooo pretty! This summer was an amazing summer; I used to really not like the summer heat. But I’m so thankful that God is changing me and teaching me to be more grateful. I’m so thankful that I’ve learned about the sweetness and the joy of Jesus forgiving me of my sins on the cross this year more than ever, and it’s been a wonderful summer because of that.
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