Mercury Retrograde Is Making A Mess (TOL)



Suzy had the baby! I am so super excited for her, her little boy is just perfect. 🙂

thinking out loud

I’ve tried really hard to pretend that Mercury Retrograde wasn’t going to affect me this time around.

mercury in retrograde

Sometimes I wish I didn’t know about this Mercury Retrograde thing or that it super affects us Gemini’s.

Mercury Retrograde tends to affect technology, contracts, moods, weather, communication, relationships and travel plans. Do not even try to communicate about anything of importance because your conversations won’t come across accurately to reflect what you are feeling.

There’s no question that this retrograde affected the weather in Texas and it  definitely affected my technology and my mood. It always puts me in a PMS frame of mind minus the actual PMS.

Have you noticed that my blog looks different? I did a routine blog update recently and it removed my theme while also screwing up my ads and side bar. The checkered pattern from my background was suddenly gone and replaced with a white background that I didn’t ask for. I’m not really complaining though because I ultimately decided to keep the white but needed help from a super nice techy person to fix everything else.

Then my dishwasher overflowed with water and something went wrong with my kitchen sink (I guess because they are connected) so that was really fun the other morning. I woke up to water everywhere AND remnants of peanut butter and powdered sugar all over the kitchen. The peanut butter mess wasn’t from Mercury, that was from my son deciding to try to make his own peanut butter cups while I was sleeping. I just wish he would have picked a different time to experiment with peanut butter and powdered sugar other than the same time as the dishwasher flooding the kitchen.

I’m ready for school to start. YEAH. It’s time. The kid is cute and all but I’ve reached the point where he just needs to go to school. Or get himself a job.

In order to conserve my sanity and energy, I now resort to only responding to my son with emoji’s.

Benji text

You know I can certainly make eggs right? He’s clearly at the age where not only am I embarrassing to be seen with, I can’t do anything right. That’s fine with me. I didn’t want to make him eggs anyway.

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Are you familiar with Mercury Retrograde? If not, I’m sorry I now brought it to your attention since it happens three times a year.

Any other bloggers notice issues doing updates recently that affected their blog layout?



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    Hmm…. I haven’t had blog issues, but I did have podcast issues (however, they weren’t related to Mercury retrograde.) It’s interesting that you shared that about Mercury retrograde. I just looked at it, and I’m not a fan of astrology, but…. I do know sometimes that the position of the planets can affect things on earth. Ti’s amazing how God made each planet with a different purpose.
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